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  • Thoughts on fear, conditioning and parenting

    It’s been more than a month since I came here. Sorry! Life ….. got in the way. We’re beginning to see some semblance of a routine, school’s going well, I’ve begun working a good 6 – 8 hours a day with at least 2 – 3 of it at the startup. I’ve been hitting the […] More

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  • Turn The Mirror Around

    O Ri Chiraiya Nanhi si chidiya Angnaa mein phir aaja re   So how many of us remember these lyrics till date? Well, I do. How many of us recall the very first episode of Aamir Khan’s brainchild, ‘Satyamev Jayate‘? I do. And I shall do for the rest of my life. Because it is […] More

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  • A New Start

    It is been soooooo long I wrote anything. Anything at all. And I wanted to say “Hi ya folks!” But I realised there might not be any “folks” left who read my blog! So… Here I am am after like four years of any decent writing. And I am here because I want to make […] More

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  • Love Lane

    Maybe it was a plan, maybe it was fateIt could have been music, or even a chimeBut something brought us close togetherAt the right place, at the right time You gave yourself to me completelyI was drawn to you in total trustI was I and you were youNot once did we have to adjust We […] More

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  • Guilt Kills

    Beep. “I told Kris. He knows now.” Seema slowly read the message. Beads of perspiration dripped from her forehead. She wiped it off with her light blue dupatta and sat down on the sofa. She re-read the message again and sat staring at her veil, which had now turned dark blue and was soaking wet. […] More

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  • The Final Destination

                  The sun was about to set. The sky looked like a beautiful picture, as if painted by god in his complete sense. The picture had a mix of different colours, orange mixed with shades of blue, white and red, spreading across a vast area. The orange seemed to have fallen a little too much […] More

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  • Yellowstone in Summer: Part 2/2

    Read my previous post on Yellowstone here. Day 2 or was it 3 ? (I had lost track of time and days. I was in cold turkey phase without any technology and connectivity) began at 4:00 am. We drove in pitch lonely darkness from Grant to Old Faithful to start our photo tour. Just when […] More

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  • लघु कथा “दीवार”

    दीवार जब दीवार का जिक्र होता है तो पता नहीं क्यों मुझे मेरे गाँव की याद आ जाती है. मेरे दादा जी के समय की वो दीवार. जो हमे अनायास ही देखती, हमारी हर हरकतों को ऐसे देखती कि अभी बोल देगी हमारी सारी शरारतें अम्मा को. वो दीवार हम सब भाई बहनों को कभी […] More

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  • Believe me..!!!

    Today you were not the samedont know why,May be i did something badthat broke the trust you had.You smiled as if things going right,I asked  the reason that is holding you back,You said everything is fine and i worry too much.I held your hand promised that i will not let you goYou smiled again as if the promise is […] More

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  • The British bandwagon

    Good Evening, One of the events that have caught my attention today morning is that the importance & coverage given to the birth of the future monarch in the United Kingdom. I agree, it is a wonderful occasion for the Royal family & to the whole of United Kingdom but it has been reiterated again […] More

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    Writer Saaz Agarwal with her book “Sindh- Stories from a Vanished Homeland “   BOOK REVIEW : SINDH – STORIES FROM A VANISHED HOMELAND BY SAAZ AGARWAL   “Stories from a vanished homeland by Saaz Agarwal is non fiction work  devoted to the  plight of Sindhi Hindus as they started their journey to India & […] More

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