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  • Online Book Store – Get Best Titles with

    One of the great benefits of the internet to book lovers is that they can now determine the market value of a book by consulting online bookstores. Online bookstores are increasing in popularity as the internet simplifies shopping for well everything. Some of the best online bookstores offer varieties of titles from obscure authors, genres […] More

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  • The Characters.

    Dark! Her eternal mate… it has to be.  That radiance of day makes her eyes squint, weakens her knees, mirrors her helplessness and all the more reflects that dark time of the bright day which was now eloped with the past. Night, though chill, was soothing to her soul. She would build the mountains of […] More

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  • Come and Witness The Magnificence Of Churches In Goa

    Goa, also famously known as “Rome of East”, “Pearl of Orient” and “Tourist Paradise”, is an Indian state located in the West Indian coastal region of Konkan. Goa is one of the hottest tourist destinations in India among tourist spots from all across the Globe thus making Goa tourism a very successful tourism sector in […] More

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  • The Finest 5 Star Hotels in Goa

        Goa, a state like none other, attracts tourists from all over the world primarily due to its stunning sun-kissed beaches and for being the party capital of the country. Goa tourism boasts some of the best luxury hotels that belong to the leading names in the hospitality industry desiring to make their presence […] More

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  • Coorg Tourism Ensuring Perfect Stay for Visitors

    Coorg, the land of coffee plantations, spices, greenery and breathtaking scenery is also known as Kodagu. It is amongst the most admired tourist destinations in the state of Karnataka. The place is not just famous for all the above listed factors, but it is also known for the delicious cuisines and the nice hospitable people. […] More

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  • Choose Fine Restaurants in Goa for Feasting

    Whether you are a traveler or a tourist of sorts, eating good is something no one can resist; especially when one is out on exploring the different aspects of Goa tourism. It is the time to look around for more than just the sand, sun, beaches and landmarks. The array of restaurants in Goa serve […] More

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  • Back-to-School Mad Moms

    Yes, Tale Tues is tardy again. Because on Tues I had a tantrum and tore the phone off the wall to hurl onto front lawn. Not as satisfying as an old cord phone which might have left a gaping hole and couldn’t so easily be rehung on its little wall clip: And I’m tardy because […] More

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  • Spend a day exploring Goa Churches

    Going on holiday is fun, and when the destination is a place like Goa the excitement is unparalleled. People who enjoy traveling and backpacking gear up and look forward to a break in this party town. Usually, a holiday in Goa implies palm-fringed beaches with silvery white sand and dazzling waters. However, dig a little […] More

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  • spiritual and siththargal

    VAASI YOGAM/VASI YOGA- 3 வாசியோகம்- 3   In this post we can understand the basic practices of vasi yoga from the verses given by mahayogis, Bogar, Agasthiyar and other century yogis. Vasi yoga is followed by yogis of Tamilnadu and all its engraved results are highlighted by maha yogis in all the verses wherever may […] More

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  • If you never try you’ll never know

    There is that thing, something you’d not give up in exchange for anything, something that you want so badly, so badly that you cannot contain the desire; you feel a constant urge to want to verbalize the desire yet you don’t. You don’t for the fear that someone will destroy all that you’ve built in […] More

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  • Importance of Coorg Resorts

    Wandering inside the green coffee plantations of Coorg is what most people dream of, especially if they are coming here for the first time. A Coorg travel guide is highly recommended for the first time visitors to the destination so that they may access information in a more precise manner, without wasting any time and […] More

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  • Goa Churches – A part of Goa’s Heritage

    No Goa travel guide would be complete without the mention of churches in Goa. These beautiful churches are part of Goa’s identity and character. Most of these churches are in Old Goa. These different churches in Goa are famous due to their distinctive architecture, which is a blend of two or more different styles. The […] More

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