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  • Western Ghats further Down South : Pallaruvi Waterfalls, Pathimoonu Kunnara Palam & Gavi

    Its not often that you wake up in the morning looking forward to showering under a huge waterfall. After spending the night in a lodge in village of Pallakal that lies on the Kerala side of the Kerala – TN border, we started early. The  village of Gavi, located inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve, was […] More

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  • Pride of Bengal – Durga Puja

    Link to the article :   Just imagine, festive mood starts in the city of joy – Kolkata from two months in advance – new clothes, shoes, accessories .Most all shops especially around Gariahat and New Market will be over-crowded – the restaurants will be full till the time it’s not closing down – bad […] More

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  • Journey Of Vaishno Maa Temple

    India is renowned as a land of pilgrims and pilgrimages across the globe. All the holy places are either located in mountainous ranges or over riverbanks. It is the only country that has such a wide religious diversity and boasts a large number or pilgrimage destinations. This fact lures visitors from different parts of the […] More

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  • बरसों बाद कोई फिर से टकराया!!

    बरसों बाद कोई फिर से टकराया आखें जो मिली तो दिल सकपकाया रोम रोम था तिलमिलाया बरसो बाद कोई फिर से टकराया   इक पल के लिए दुनिया जैसे थम सी गई थी वो यादों की छन्नी में छन सी गई थी वो मोहल्ले की गलियाँ वो कोने का मंदिर दशहरे का मेला हो या होली की महफिल हर मौके को मिलने का जरिया बनाना वो सुनना सुनाना वो रूठना मनाना वो चुपके से दिल ने था क्या क्या दिखाया इक पल के दरमियाँ में था जीवन समाया।।   बरसों बाद कोई फिर से टकराया   जज्बातों की बाढ़ थी दिल में लफ़्ज़ों का अकाल था दुनिया भर की खबर ली उनसे पूछा उनका न हाल था छिपतीं आखें, मिलती आखें नजरों का क्या बवाल था नमस्ते करें या हाथ मिलाएं दिल में यही सवाल था बातें तो हुई दो चार पर कुछ समझ में न आया दिल तो यही कह रहा था कि – ‘ रुक जाओ’ पर जबां से ‘फिर मिलेंगे’ ही निकल पाया।।   बरसों बाद कोई फिर से टकराया More

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  • India’s Oscar Entry – yet again

    There is a lot of hullabalooregarding India’s Oscar entry this year. Not that it is less in any year. Since they nominated a movie called Jeans years ago for this particular award and it did not win any that award lost charm for me. I mean how,  how can they not award that movie where  […] More

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  • Go Herabal for Acne!

    I have an extremely sensitive skin which I definitely blame it on my genes. A wrong move and I break out into acne which is more stubborn than the stench of fish in Mumbai. I am one of those persons who must have tried every single thing that promises to give you clear skin and […] More

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  • Afar

    My eyes twitched, waking me up. The ceiling, plain and wooden, appeased my sober tastes and brought back my sense of awareness. I was still in my chamber of the train we were on; we were heading to London. The next morning we’d fly to India from Heathrow. I ran across to the window; outside […] More

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  • Vaishno Devi Temple: A Sanctified Shrine

    The Hindu mythology is full of astonishing and divine myths which describe the mighty and glorified origin of the Hinduism. These myths are fortified by the presence of mighty ancient temples and pilgrims all over the India. One such temple is the Vaishno Devi temple which is one of the most visited pilgrims in India. […] More

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  • Blog Address Change

    Hi, Just wanted to share with all of you that I have changed the blog address for Dew Drops from to Keep reading! 🙂 Thanks, Rekha Original link More

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  • Moto X’s latest software update fixes its camera

    The Moto X model launched by Motorola faced a number of issues regarding its camera quality. Most of the people using Moto X complaint that its camera quality was very poor and that is why Motorola decided to update the software so that it could resolve this issue. Finally Motorola has come up with its […] More

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  • past present or future?

      Living in the world which makes me breathe my thoughts Bringing out emotions which sometimes proves me a fool in bouts Once I sat near river thinking where did I go wrong? And where will I lead my future Where do I belong? I met three wise men walking around They had weird way […] More

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