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  • The Last Shave of The Year!

    I was looking at my face, full of facial hair. But I wasn’t looking like Alan from “The Hangover” at all! I had just woken up, and had just brushed my teeth. Some of the foam was still on my beard and my mustache. It was looking gross, according to my beard-hater-sister. But to me, […] More

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  • Brain Pain

    Nourished and caressed his blood cells, The tropical Sun’s ordeal, From the Ganges, humid winds and moist spells, His body, a mirror to his years, While post-school, ceased ticking his brain, At the epicenter of his central nervous system, Evolved a tumor out of his skull’s membrane, Only perpetual childhood now to nurture, Cancelled were […] More

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  • Was Under Repairs- The Verse Factory

    Apathy stains wore its equipment, Corrosion from gales of compromise had it dysfunctional, Cylinders of creative lubricant dangled empty, Staggering under debts of the womb, Worst fears of its crafty artisans turned true, None could make it to work, For needles of mediocrity were scattered bare, Flooding roads of my town, pointed everywhere, With lamed […] More

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  • Vote – The best Weapon of a citizen !

    The vote is nothing but the right of us to clean the country from the dirty politics and bureaucracy..! So please do vote for the right one, who can lead us to a great Nation! Published for "Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps" contest by Indiblogger  and weChat Original link More

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  • Grand Finale And Gauhar Khan Takes Away Most Coveted Trophy!

    And finally the fights have come to an end. The widely watched Bigg Boss7, winner of the Golden Petal award for the best reality show aired its last dhamaka episode on 28th December 2013. Salman the host made a smashing entry, singing a song especially made for Bigg Boss 7 housemates. A tribute to the […] More

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  • Speech about silence!

    This was a post written long, long ago; when I had just finished reading “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that cannot stop talking” Susan Cain is her name.Quiet is her book’s name.And whatte book it is. Well, a name is an identity mapping, and it plays a prominent role in how you […] More

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  • Weekly Market Update 23 to 27 Dec 2013

    The last week of 2013 was a feel good week all-in-all. The markets continued with their positivity with interspersed downswings only on the back of profit-booking. As the year draws to a close, everybody is looking forward to a new year with a sense of certainty that the worst may possibly be over.  The effect […] More

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  • Beet the Ruby Red

    Well, it all started here, when these tiny red seeds( the ruby red variety of beetroot) looked very inviting. I started with a small batch at a time, the cute saplings were thinned . And the tiny ones, started growing their pretty foliage , brightening the pot. I added some of the tender leaves into […] More

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  • Paying customers for a return visit – an incentive to getting it right the first time

    When I consider a statement, such as “Providing positive reinforcement helps create the right atmosphere for providing great customer experiences,” it irks me to think that basic good manners often do not feature in the basics of customer service delivery. Surely, giving praise where it is due and noting good work for its worth, should […] More

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  • Peeved, miffed, a tad unsettled…

    I’ve just about had it with lip service, paid by all of us……it’s quick and easy to get mad, rant and rave, sulking while mumbling, and we all do it. The taxis that cut in front of us while we obey the rules of the road, the members of the public who enter a store, then […] More

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  • Book Review – The Other Side by Faraaz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee

    Title: The Other Side. — Dare to visit alone. Authors: Faraaz Kazi. Vivek Banerjee. Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers. Well it does take quite a bit of courage to visit alone. Authors Faraaz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee have done a splendid job painting a world of unknown. It is vivid, well described, fascinating and to be honest, […] More

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  • 10 things which often make a medical student frustrated!

    1. One of your (caring) relatives in home town: “Aur beta kya kar rahe ho?”  “MBBS kar raha hu Uncle..First Year (with a proud smile) Uncle (after lot of thinking) : Achha beta, (Specialization) KISME kar rahe ho? “Woh to abhi nahi, 4 ½ saal baad jab MBBS ho jaegi na..(bina back lage) , Tab […] More

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