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  • Europe

    This summers I was in Germany for my internship. On the weekends I backpacked across different places around Europe, visiting: Freiburg (Germany): It is small town extreme south of Germany. It was where I stayed during the three months. It is a nice and warm student town and you get really awesome beer at the […] More

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  • Jewelry Earrings – A Bonus to Your Beauty

    Jewelry is a small ornamental item, which is worn for personal decoration. Likewise, earring is a piece of jewelry that is worn in the ear by piercing the ear. Jewelry earrings are the addition of beauty to other ornaments worn.   Earrings are the fun jewelry. It can be a pleasure for yourself or you […] More

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  • All you wanted to know about Tubular Inverter batteries

    Batteries are the central component of an inverter and thus the most critical part. You may pick a cheaper external casing or the stand on which the inverter is to be placed but there shouldn’t be any   compromise   with the quality and efficiency of a battery. It is imperative for you to do your homework. […] More

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  • Treat Your Acne Problems with the Most Effective Cream Ever

    The advancement of technology has resulted into the increase of rate of pollution. The use of cars, bikes, airplanes, the advancement of industries all these have resulted into increased amount dirt and dust. This causes many skin problems which sometimes convert into severe diseases if not treated properly. The common problems are acne, pimples, itching, […] More

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  • নদীর ওপার

    “শেষ দিনটা কেমন ছিল পুরনো অফিসে?” – প্রশ্নের মধ্যে লুকনো ‘চুপ করে কেন, একি বেলা! তুমি কাঁদছ?’ চোখ পিটপিট করলাম, ওপর দিকে তাকালাম, জলের বোতলে ঢক ঢক করনে লাগা। কিন্তু চোখের জল আর দরদ দুটোই উথলে নদী আপন বেগে পাগল পারা। “সাধে বলি, তোর favourite হলিডে স্পট নদীর ওপার? খবরদার মন খারাপ করবি না।” মন […] More

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    Throughout history, a woman’s love for jewellery has been eternal. Jewellery has always been used to pull out an outfit or complete a look. Ask a woman about the piece of jewellery they are wearing, and you will get to hear a story.Gemstones hold a special place in the jewellery world as they serve as […] More

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  • Generic Soma Online-Get Cheaper Medicine Online

    The fact why a lot of pharmaceuticals are offering generic drug is to bring market rates down. It is especially true with soma – muscle relaxer pills, which compared with brand name drugs, is enjoying sales per pill that is less twenty five percent to seventy five percent in rate. Soma does not technically relax […] More

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  • Four years of Ashwamedh Group

    FOUR YEARS OF ASHWAMEDH GROUP                  During my days of MBA (2008-2010), I and my friend Jitesh Bhilare and Rahul Mahadik used to sit on the bench on the hill top of Kharghar close to Vipassana centre. While studying in B.V.I.M.S.R. Belapur it was our regular practice to drive to […] More

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  • This Summer, Penny Stock Newsletters, Have Become An Increasingly Important Resource, For Finding Penny Stock Picks.

    In the beginning we told everyone to be wary of the annual decline in the penny stock market, that is known to come with every single summer season but we were pleasantly surprised to see, that things not only held up well but that the market had seen incredible gains across the board. For the […] More

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