5 Tips for Hiring the Right Home Improvement Contractor

Finding and hiring the right home improvement contractor Woodbridge NJ is not an easy task whether it is for big or small upgrades. It also depends on the size and scope of your renovation project that what type of contractors you need and what to look for in them.

Type of Home Improvements

  • Interior designing for decorative purposes that include painting, changing siding design, home window replacement Woodbridge, new flooring, installing new cabinetry, remodeling kitchen, etc.
  • Minor repairs include fixing plumbing issues, roof repairs, and fixing structural damages that occur over time due to regular wear and tear.
  • Safety & comfort upgrades that include installing fire alarms, adding light to stairs, securing rugs, improving HVAC, etc.
  • Home additions include increasing space in the kitchen or bathroom, adding a wood deck in the backyard or front yard, adding a swimming pool, etc.

There can be so many different tasks in a single renovation or remodel project that you may require contacting a bunch of contractors – an electrician, a plumber, a countertop contractor, a cabinet contractor, a flooring expert, a carpenter, a painter, and a few more to name.

But, there is a different approach than most of the homeowners adopt, and that is to hire a general home improvement contractor who works in coordination with all these other contractors and sub-contractors and oversees the project management which includes coordinating schedules, supervising work progress, and finishing the work as per client’s request.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home at a good price or you have just bought a new dwelling that needs some updating as per your lifestyle, here are the five tips that will help you in hiring a reliable contractor.

1 – References

If you start your search for contractors with the internet, you could get plenty of names. Simply narrow down this list by asking for references from your prospective contractors. Any legitimate contractor who performs good work and has a positive history will be able to provide you with references from previously satisfied customers. Call or e-mail them to ask them how their experience was, and would they recommend the contractor to others. If you need home window replacement, ask for specific references relevant to your needs.

2 – Check out license

Depending on the type of work being performed at your home, most contractors, no matter what trade they are involved in, will require obtaining the necessary State or County license. Check on their website whether they have mentioned their license number and other details. Make sure they possess other building and renovation permits from other local regulating authorities.

3 – Adequate experience

If you’re thinking for a complete separate addition like a conventional house or a garage, make sure your contractor has the appropriate experience and has performed similar projects in the past. You won’t be hiring concrete contractors for basement waterproofing Woodbridge NJ since their level of expertise would be completely distinct.

4 – Insurance

This is important and should be taken seriously. Ask your contractor for proof of liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance. Since you don’t want to incur liability for damage or injuries occurs to anyone working at your property, insurance is very important.

5 – Estimated and Up-front Costs

It’s common for a reputable home improvement contractor to ask for an upfront payment before commencing the project. This is usually not more than 10% of the total contract amount.  The remaining 90% should be disbursed throughout the duration of the project, which again will depend on the size of the project and the monetary value involved. Some contractors may ask for 30 or 40 percent upfront cost in case you need small upgrades in your residence. Your contract must include the payment schedule and it must be clear to you that when you need to pay them.


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Written by Mike Walson

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