Age Spot Faders – What Are the Best Ingredients

Most age spot faders contain an ingredient called    SKN Renew Review   hydroquinone, which is relatively expensive. Some products contain both hydroquinone and an alpha hydroxy acid. There are reasons to include those ingredients, but there are safer, less expensive and less irritating alternatives. Here's a look at what those ingredients do and what your alternatives are. Hydroquinone inhibits melanin production. Melanin is a hormone produced by specialized cells, deep within the dermis layer of the skin. Its purpose is to protect the deeper layers from the sun's damaging UV rays. That's why we tan. It is the body's natural reaction to damaging UV light.

Age spots, which are sometimes referred to as liver spots, but are better described as sun spots, are actually clumps of melanin enriched cells. Next to the melanin-producing cells in the dermis are the skin's stem cells. Those cells continuously produce new cells for the epidermis, the outer layers, at a very quick pace. But, as with everything else, the pace slows down with age.If there has been recent sun exposure, the new cells will contain melanin. If the area has been protected from sunlight, they will be lighter in color. So, it stands to reason that the spots would fade gradually over time, anyway, if you just stayed out of the sun, but that can be hard to do.


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