A Few Tidbits on We Are What We Eat

Are you tempted by foods that are sweet or salty to the taste?   Half-Day Diet Review  If you are like many, you cannot help it, your body hardwired to seek out those fattening foods. Once again, it is your genes. Your genes are looking to survive and as we have learned in earlier articles, survival is at the top of the list for our genes.

Though these types of foods are essential to our survival, we tend to go overboard with identifying these foods and consuming them. It does not mean we cannot change our approach to these temptations, we simply need to become aware of and eat everything in moderation…have we not heard that term before, huh?

When we say sugar, what does that mean and what is sugar? Sugar is terminology for what a plant uses for energy, called carbohydrate molecules. Linking one sugar molecule to another and you get what is now referred to as a complex carbohydrate, or more former known as starch. Included in these complex carbs is rice, potatoes, wheat, and beats. Sugar is utilized by the plants to help feed their seed embryo's, until it can start obtaining energy own its own via sun light.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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