How to Lose Weight on Your Face – It's Incredible How These Tips Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

So much has been said about beauty methods and  KouTea Review    changing the shape of our features, it is no wonder people become rather perplexed as to what really works. While looking for answers on the internet, you are bombarded with so many solutions, from natural methods to facial liposuction and cosmetic surgery- it is confusing to know where to start. Well the good news is, there is a solution, it cannot go wrong and it isn’t expensive!


You have probably been told to give up eating salt, fatty foods, eat lots of good proteins and lose weight from your body if you want your face to slim down. These are important considerations in the quest for a slimmer face, they are not enough on their own- we need to do a little more to change the shape of our face and slim it down noticeably.

Other people people believe there is nothing we can do to lose fat from our faces, other than invasive surgery. They advise on using hairstyle and make-up to give the impression our faces are slimmer than they actually are.I was born with a round-shaped face, but it didn’t cause me too much worry until I hit my 40s. My cheeks were beginning to sag, and began to develop drooping jowls. Along with having smoked and done little exercise for most of my adult life, my face was not looking so good!



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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