Discover Your "Must Have" Handmade Soap For Summer

Hot bodies, relaxing baths and showers. Summer sunshine   Collagen Refresh Lemonade Review    means you should think again about your handmade soap choice and find the “Must Have” soap that will save your skin this summer. The choice is huge but every essential oil that soap makers add has a purpose and benefit for your skin.

If your summer is spent in the kitchen and at the barbecue, handling tasty burgers, choose a handmade soap that has essential oils with antiseptic properties to keep handy by the sink. My personal preference is Lemon, it's essence has been trusted as a purifier for centuries and has fantastic cleansing properties, including nutralising unwanted smells from the kitchen and your hands.

Any soap with added Tea Tree essential oil is also a good antiseptic, and is excellent at keeping pesky insects at bay as the Tea Tree oil is a repellent. It's the natural soap choice for gardeners, hikers or walkers.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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