Morning Glucose Level – Why is it Raised

Usually people with type 2 diabetes will find their morning Diabetes Freedom Review    glucose level higher and this is a mystery to them because they did not eat anything since they last monitored their blood sugar level. A level above 110 mg/dl is common in the morning.Your body has hormones that negate the rise of insulin in your body that could cause low blood sugar levels that are dangerous and even life-threatening. These hormones allow the blood sugar to rise.

The morning rise in glucose level is caused because those hormones are working against your insulin’s attempt to lower it. This happens when your medication starts to wear off in the morning hours.This is not a problem for most people if they do not take insulin at bedtime. Those taking insulin late may have to adjust their late night snack or insulin intake. Only your doctor can advise you about this.

Staying with a regular eating and medication schedule does much to keep blood sugar levels in your target zone. Checking your blood sugar levels between 2 and 3am on a few nights in a row will give your doctor better information on how to prescribe treatment. It would be wise for you to learn all that you can about diabetes so that when changes in your body take place, you will understand what is happening and take action.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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