From Human Beings to Beings of Light

The evolution of Human Being towards Beings of Light   Duality Review  (Enlightenment). During my awakening in 2000, I visited other dimensions, as I ascended into the light. I was not aware of where or what is was at the time. I could only describe it as a place without fear, a place of unconditional love, a place of pure energy or Spirit.Because these type of experiences are growing in numbers, it is only now, that I am beginning to understand it more fully and able to paint the picture of what I experienced using words.


I was shown “the light,” as many others today are experiencing. However, since that day, my journey has been to integrate that information to heal my residual “unconsciousness,” bringing anything that I have suppressed from this lifetime or past ones into conscious awareness.In these dimensions, we are bound by less and less. These are the dimensions sages such as Jesus and Buddha were referring to when they proclaimed that “you can do everything that I have and more” and “As you think, so shall you be.”



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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