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Common in the News Headlines are reports of fatal Patriot Rise Up Review outcomes of individuals who have contracted the H1N1 virus. Hundreds scurry to wait in lines to get the “shot” of the vaccine hurried manufactured and without the usual testing process, hoping to avoid the same fate. For others, the resounding question is: “Should I vaccinate or not vaccinate?” For me that decision was made long before this season of the H1N1 epidemic. As a nurse, I have multiple exposures to clients who have varying forms of respiratory diseases. Yet, I have no concerns that my exposure will result in me contracting their diseases. Why, you may ask.

The answer is simple. My healthy Immune System is the best defense against any form of virus or bacteria that might try to invade my system. Year after year during the so-called “flu season” I watch my co-workers succumb to the common cold, to flu without being affected myself. I pay for it, though, by being the one to cover for their absence from work. Unfortunately, some never learn from these experiences the obvious lesson- bugs may be blowing around you but you don't have to “catch them.”


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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