Eating at Night – Secrets to Stop Brainless Nibbling

What Happens at Night Does Not Stay in the Night:

Seventy percent of people’s weight gain occurs between leaving Weight Loss For Idiots Review work or school and the next morning. Here are nine secrets to take control of this dangerous part of our day and lose weight.

Chaotic, uncontrolled, and often unplanned eating occurs during the late afternoon and evening for many individuals struggling to lose weight. The structure of the day, whether at work or at school with a planned breakfast, lunch and a snack gives way to chaos starting at four or five in the afternoon. Whether it’s on the way home from work, when picking up children in car pool lanes or taking them to after school activities this is a dangerous, vulnerable time for many. It’s common for people to eat foods that they never had dreamed they would be eating at the start of the day.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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