What’s Next When It Comes To WordPress Upgrades?

When it comes to updating the website or a WordPress version we got so many inquiries from the customers that why they should update their WordPress to the current version and what comes with the new updates? At the end of this article you will get clear idea that why WordPress updates are important.

WordPress is available for free of cost which is created by the team of developers. Each new WordPress updates means new enhancements in the previous functions and free of bugs that will automatically enhance your website performance.

  • Security

Security is the most important aspects that should be considered while creating a website. New WordPress updated comes with the compatibility of WordPress plugin that will make your website secure.

  • Cool New Features

New WordPress version always comes with new feature such as WordPress 4.0 was introduced with the improve plugin feature and 4.1 was introduced with image editing etc.

  • Speed

WordPress community tries to create more WordPress best themes and plugins faster. For example 4.2 were released with the JS performance that was helpful for navigation menus etc.

  • Bug Fixes

Minor updated in WordPress version such as WordPress 4.2.3 was released to fix the bugs and issues of 4.2 etc.

  • Compatibility (or NOT)

Compatibility is the very important features when we want to update the website. WordPress community keep on trying that they can make as many as features compatible with your WordPress website to improve the security of website, enhance features, faster website speed, Make a website bug free, and better compatibility.

But when a user should update their blog or a website to the latest version?

Actually answer to this question depends on which type of website you have created for which purpose. Plus need to know how flexible you are with the code and technical skills to handle the website if updates failed. Before updating the WordPress website or a blog make sure that you have taken backups of each and every stuff. So many different plugins are available for the WordPress website.

Plus you need to make sure before updating WordPress that you should upgrade all your WordPress a plugins this will ensure that after WordPress updates your plugins will not encounter any issue or technical bug.

How you will keep your website updates?

You should always try to secure a website by adding security plugin on it. Plus do not forget to update the theme as a WordPress best themes update gives you a latest functionality.

Every time you entered to the WordPress dashboard you will find that there are number of updates which are highlighted in the menus. You just need to click on update button to install the features and updates you want.

The minor security updates and release are updates automatically plus you have an option to install all the major release by allowing the system to update it automatically. This can be done by adding easy updates manager plugin to your website.

When you are running a business you might be very busy that you didn’t the time to check the updates regularly by login into the site so that this time you should go with the email notification so that you will get the notification through the email to your email account that new updates and the features that are available.

To setup the email notification you can install WP Updates Notifier plugin and activate it by visiting settings then click on update notifies to configure the changes.


These all are the aspects that come when you want to update your WordPress website.


What do you think?

Written by Prachi Jain

Prachi Jain is a tech enthusiast who loves exploring technologies and latest trends. She is an omnivore reader and contributes his knowledge on some of the best publishing platforms.

WordPress has provided convenience to the people in designing alluring websites of any kind. WordPress is made available with a variety of themes, approx two thousand plus. Premium themes are incorporated with more features and functionality as compared to free themes. Although, WordPress free themes also provide various features. Free themes are best if you want to design a website for a start-up company or any start-up business. As you need not pay anything initially.

All you have to do is to do a search for the best-suited theme as per your business. And, then you can design a website on your own.


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