Copper products will contain lead as well as expand copper corrosion to varying degrees

Refine: The surface therapy of copper products is only: electroplating nickel and also chromium. The electroplating layer relies on its top quality. In the brief period of one year as well as the slower, the surface area gloss and matching are progressively lost in the following 10 years. Ultimately, the plating layer peels and also the copper corrosion is subjected. The polished stainless steel surface will certainly constantly have a silvery white finish and also never corrosion.

Use: Copper products will contain lead as well as expand copper corrosion to varying degrees. Stainless-steel products are immune to acids, antacid, corrosion, and also no dangerous materials.

Toughness: Stainless-steel has greater than 2 times greater solidity and also toughness than copper.

Rate: The cost of stainless-steel is normally high.

Eco-friendly and also healthy and balanced: The conventional copper faucet[4 inch centerset faucet] includes lead. When used for a long time, it will show up patina, as well as the shade will certainly come to be darker. The stainless-steel tap is lead-free and also immune to acids, alkalis, corrosion, as well as non-toxic compounds, and also is healthier to the body. Furthermore, the items of this product have a long service life and also the look is increasingly more new.



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