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Always use hot items like dried red peppers  Tesla Lighter Survival Tool Review sparingly or you are likely to produce too strong of a sausage that would be edible by very few people. The use of sage on your sausage will likely give it a bitter taste. Mrs. Wages produces a spice mixture which is the perfect companion for use in homemade sausage.

We have talked her about canning the sausage now lets mention a word on using it. When it is time to use your canned sausage it should be remove starting with the center section and then with a knife slowly cut across the meat to create four separate pieces. It will than be easy to remove from the jar and thus cook accordingly. In the olden days they incorporated the regular mouthed jars since at that time the wide mouths were not yet invented.

When preparing your sausage you can select from several different versions either the usual round sausages, links or what is known in the survivalist circles as crumbles. For those who may not be familiar with crumbles they are especially good for use in sausage gravy when placed on biscuits or toast for your morning breakfast.

To properly prepare your links you should lightly brown them in a skillet or even in the oven. After browning your sausage place those in clean jars with a slight bit of water and a touch of salt if desired. By adding the water your links will be a bit softer when removed from the jar for cooking.


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