Handmade Soap For Your Family

Handmade soap may seem similar to the mass produced Skin Cell Pro Review   soap but this is not the case. When your family washes with everyday soap, they are using harsh chemicals which can cause problems and irritation as it strips and does not preserve their precious skin. Handmade soaps are sensational and feel great to use, they are made with premium essential oil and aromatics which protect skin and make it beautifully scented and moisturized.

Handmade soaps are gentle, and soothing and there is a soap to suit everybody in your family. Pure-Light’s range of hand made soap with natural ingredients include; tea tree, lemon, coconut, rose, lavender and jasmine among others. Handmade soaps contain blends of natural oils that promote a balancing effect to skin complexion. Often, no chemical or synthetic colour is added to handmade soaps. The natural colours are achieved with pure ingredients such as lavender which can colour soap a pale purple or blue. The colouring techniques used are natural, are friendly to the skin and have no side effects at all.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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