Value of Spiritual Caste System (Part 2)

Now is the time to decide where your treasure lies. Overthrowing Anxiety Review  Is it in the things of the world. Is it in your looks or your body. Is it in the money that you have. Or is it on God and your future in eternity. If you focus on God and your eternal life, the things of the world will become dim. God will help you to see others as he sees them. He will help you to realize that things of the worlds are not important. He will help you to be disciplined to take better care of yourself and others and to have the right mindset and heart.

When I first became interested in metaphysics, it was very discouraging to pick up book after book and read about all the psychics who appeared to have cornered the market on spirituality. They wrote prolifically about meditation, yoga, and God, although not necessarily in that order. There were numerous how-to books on the subject of self-actualization and the discipline required to attain that exalted state.

It seemed as if, like Athena, springing full-grown from the head of Zeus, all these psychics were born in a state of grace, fully perfected, with none of the flaws that the rest of us mere mortals possessed. They seemed to have never had an unspiritual thought, word, or deed, or experienced mundane problems like the rest of us.

Eventually, I realized that psychic does not equate with spiritual and that there are a lot of phony holies out there writing and teaching about the road to God-consciousness. These phony holies were in competition with each other trying to be perceived as the most godlike. It was almost as if everyone was gazing into the magic mirror and asking, Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most spiritual one of all. It was a wonderful learning experience.


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