Which Traders Will Make the Most Money During

Which Traders Will Make the Most Money During this Crisis!?  in its video traders we are going to look at who will make the most money during the coronavirus volatility stay tuned hey traders warm welcome to you alright so which traders are going to do the best. Out of this coronavirus volatility in my opinion now before. I start this video I have done another video and I want to make it clear about this before we get going is that you know if you are a beginner. Trader because, I appreciate they’d have got people from all experience levels here there’s a complete board spectrum of people who watch this channel and watch other people watch of other videos etc you know it doesn’t you have to, trade this environment to get benefit from me.

If you watch it you take notes you learn you’ll have a massive experience that you can draw on later even if you don’t put a, penny of risk caps in the markets and then for many.

People that is the most sensible thing to do these conditions it’s just watch learn and enjoy the show it’s the lots of stuff going on there’s so much going on it’s exciting time. To be a trader putting aside of course the health aspect of the coronavirus cetera from a pure trading, perspective there’s lots going on and it’s what we live, for we live for volatility right so that’s one of the things that however you’ve got experience in the market you put you some money to work these are the, best conditions or some of the best conditions we will ever have and so it’s our job to take advantage of it as.

Best we can and to try to really extract as much profit as we can from the market, so you want to say that guys. Because you know see so many traders standing up and saying hey you know where everyone’s killing. It in this market and blah blah and I think it’s a little bit dangerous yes if you’re experienced it’s a good time to be a trader no doubt about it there’s a lot of people out there. Who was the worst time for them to trade I just want to make that clear, it’s not a problem if you sit and watch. I just learn and take notes and come back at it when the things everything’s calmed down is they need to be a hero in this and it frustrates me a little bit when I, do, see people saying oh you should be in the market now if you’re not trading this you’re not killing it in this my market environment and you shouldn’t be a trader. Listen it looks it’s fine you should be pressing you should be, really extracting as much as you can but if you’re not anyway you get the point guys we’ve got about that needs to make that point anymore okay traders who focus or trade. A very small number of markets I seen this pattern traders who are really. Winning of this traders were really doing well and I’ve said this kind of before this something kicked off guys and also something I’ve mentioned very. Early on in my program I say hey listen if focus focus focus focus bring that bring that and focus right in and it’s, happening right now if you’re focusing on a small number of markets you are, going to have the opportunity to do much much better and if, you’re watching too many stuff now listen not saying don’t be informed and don’t be interested in what crude oil is doing or what gold is doing or Silver’s doing what orange. Juice is do listen that all these things.

That are moving in a quite interesting little little mini markets on their own that’s fine but you focus on what you’re doing if you’re trading footsie, futures you trade footsie futures if you’re trading a couple of tech stocks you trade those it’s, lost trading you know UK retail stocks a basket of five votes you stick to those if you’re trading yen.

Pairs you stick to those the point is yes it’s all very, well looking all this other stuff out of curiosity but it should have no bearing on the decision-making process unless of course you’ve got to set up the strategies that rely on those correlations that’s.

Different the point is there’s so much going on but the traders that are going to lose in, this environment and the one that jumps to gold he jumps to silver he then jumps to a tech stock and then jumps to bonds. In jumps to VIX ETF he did and.

And that’s that just gives you know where the chances of you coming out of this with a profit in that I just. Slim because you’re trading so much stuff it’s very hard to keep, a track of it very hard to get in tune and the traders that are winning and the traders that will come out better the ones that are laser-focused a small number of, markets because the opportunities are there you don’t need to have all that Marcus I think guys is, hold on to the right trade longer so because we haven’t is. Extended runs and I’ve got a video about this which may well be up now if it’s not already hit subscribe button you’re notified when it comes up. And it will talk a little bit about in the difference between when to know how to never know of course, we don’t but holding a trade versus just banking the short-term profit but the point here with this, is that when you’re on the end of a winner and it’s really running you go extract as much juice from that. Deal as you possibly can and those are the traders they’re gonna do well out of this environment it’s. One or two trades per month maybe maybe per week if, you’re day trading but that kind of order of magnitude that’ll really boost the P&L because they’re the ones that you know really got on the end of, you’ve managed to add some size into it you might kind of put throttle down a little bit more really squeeze as. Much as you can out of it and. Those are the ones that you’ve got conviction with you good entry with.


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