Why Fashion Colleges laying more Stress on Sustainable Fashion?

Lately, there has a lot of talk about issues of global warming and about the carbon footprint that we are leaving behind which could be effecting the future generations. The fashion industry has often come under attack because of its use of materials which are considered not bio degradable. The scenario is however changing, and there are many designers today who are making a conscious shift towards sustainable fashion. The young designers especially, are going out of their way about not only creating garments that are environmentally friendly, but they are also using fashion as a means of creating awareness to promote issues pertaining to global preservation and leading a more sustainable lifestyle in general.

Some of the best colleges for fashion designing in India like Gurukul School of Design, are embracing and promoting this concept wholeheartedly. They are all for creating environmental friendly items, with the materials of clothing sourced from natural sources only and they are promoting the students who are working on this concept. In fact, top fashion design schools across the world are trying to use natural dyes and natural fabrics as much as possible in their design as well as cutting out aspects from their clothing which are harming the environment in some way. The use of synthetic colors in garments has always been a source of controversy and now many fashion houses are trying to do away with it. Fabrics made from rayon or polyester is being done away with as cotton, linen and wool have made a comeback like never before. Add to that the fact that natural dyes are being used to make them, and the entire concept of fashion and designing is undergoing a sea change at present time.

The most heated topic of discussion was the use of fur in garments and today almost all fashion houses are trying to do away with it, the latest of them being Chanel, which has announced that it will no longer use fur for their fall-winter collection, this year being their last. The industry experts feel that the formative years of a fashion student is the time when they should be introduced to these ideas so that they can go on to become global citizens who are conscious about the role they are playing in saving the environment. Designers come in touch with a number of people in their careers and they have the power to become influencers. They also have the power to lead through their work and this is what the top fashion design schools are currently trying do. Clothes that are sustainable can also be easily recycled and it would considerably reduce wastage, much of which ends in landfills around the world. It is imperative that the fashion students become promoters of living sustainably and since clothing forms an integral part of our lives and who we are, it has the ability to make a huge positive impact on our environment.


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