Translation Services USA leading agency

Translation Services USA leading agency, located in North America, has been engaged in professional translation services provision for over 17 years.


Our company provides each customer with:

– highly-experienced translators, including native speakers;

– translation into over 100 world languages;

– own control and transfer system;

– fully dedicated translation – highly-experienced and educated translators provide legal, medical, technical and other translations types.

We provide:

– interpretation (both simultaneous and sequential);

– written translations (documents, legal, medical, financial translations, technical translations, including projects, estimates and manuals, literary translations);

– websites translations on any hosting and any technical specifications (our professional team consists of IT specialists and engineers)

Our company tends to follow the rules, while being highly demanding relatively to its employees. Our company’s team includes higher educated linguists, so you may be sure of the result anyway!

We translate from/into over 100 world languages, including non-widespread ones. You will be provided with the most convenient cooperation format once contacted our company – either personally or via a messenger, chat or remotely by any communication type. Our managers are available 24/7 and will provide the highest project execution quality.

We managed to develop both our own control system and high-quality standards, which contributed us to reach our professional goals. The way it works:

– it’s worth mentioning that all your communications are strictly confidential – this means the complete data non-disclosure by default;

– all incoming calls are added into general STR system (e-mail messages, instant messengers, incoming phone calls);

– each customer is provided a unique identification number;

– such approach guarantees full integration into your project and individual approach in future.

Whether there are additional benefits?

– Our translation control system is unique as well, since all our employees are tested by the company’s heads and incompetent translators are dismissed based on the tests results.

– All our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement.

– A strict prohibit on the machine translations use – violators are immediately dismissed and blacklisted.

– Our company’s staff employs graphic specialists and designers, engaged in your projects’ aesthetic component control, while being entitled to edit or create any format for your project.




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