How to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06?

Outlook is one of the most demanded tool from Microsoft’s Office package. The app is highly efficient and boosts user’s performance promptly. However, there are issues that you may face while operating it. One such issue is error code0x80072f06. In case you are facing the same, then here you can easily know everything about this error code.

There are lots of reasons for its occurrence, and users can also resolve it in the same manner. As we know, Outlook is a feature-rich and versatile application, which has tons of users worldwide. Most prominently, users can access the files without internet connectivity. With these advanced features of Outlook, people face many problems, and error code 0x80072f06 is one of the frequent ones.

What is Outlook error 0x80072f06? Well, it is an error of the OST file that occurs when Outlook does not sync with the exchange server. Also, it creates a PST file when you use Outlook in online mode. Likewise, the OST file is a built-in offline mode.

Reasons For Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06 Occurrence

As mentioned above, the error occurs when Outlook does not sync with the exchange server. But there are more reasons; you can face it while using Outlook. Those are:

  • Installation of Outlook application in an improper way.
  • You are getting such an error due to exchange security certificates.
  • Windows system files damages due to OAB updates.  

Method To Resolve Outlook Error Code

There are few methods that users can utilize to overcome error code 0x80072f06 problem.

Deleting the existing OAB file:

  • Solve the problem by removing the existing OAB file. It is one of the convenient ways to overcome such hassle.
  • Afterward, you need to download the latest OAB file via the exchange server and sync it.

Restoration of System To Solve Error Code Problem:

You can also solve this problem manually. All you need to do is perform a system restore to an earlier period. Follow the instructions to do this:

  • Once the system starts, you need to Log in as an Administrator
  • Select the options system in the Control Panel item.
  • Doing so will allow you to make a selection of system protection that will appear on the left side of the window prompt.
  • After that, a new wizard will come into view on the screen.
  • Tapping on the system restores the option to commence the process.
  • At last, you can check for the resolution of the Outlook error code once the restoration process is over.

Automated Resolution:

Outlook provides an automated solution to your problem, as well. For that, you need to access OST repair software, which will be available from a reliable service provider. The main feature of this automated repair software is:

  • It helps in repairing corrupt OST files.
  • It will recover every corrupted file in the exact form that the system requires.
  • It also preserves data integrity after the recovery procedure, as well.
  • Lastly, there is no need to Exchange server and Outlook connectivity.

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