Spiritual Balance in These Tough Times

It is no secret that maintaining spiritual peace or balance  Ultra Manifestation Review   in these tough economic times can be difficult. Fear, anxiety, and worry are pervasive emotions in those around us, in those we work with, in those we are close to. But there is a way to keep your spiritual equilibrium.

Having the finances to study and practice does make keeping a spiritual perspective easier. Reading books helps make the spiritual a regular part of your life. Purchasing books or magazines that you are attracted to and reading the material keeps the spiritual focus, as well as allows your unconscious to guide your choices. Taking a yoga class, a meditation class, or going to spiritual seminars can assist in keeping the focus necessary for spiritual peace and to motivate you on your path. But they are not necessary; you can do it without them. In an economy like this, these types of expenditures are likely some of the first to go. And this is to be expected. But it does not have to be the beginning of the end of your personal spiritual quest.

In many belief systems, a lack of money is actually advantageous to a spiritual mindset. For example, in many Native American cultures you must clear space (get rid of some possessions) before the spirit world will bless you with new. In Eastern philosophical views attaching yourself to material things (or people, or expectations) is counter to spiritual enlightenment. So, in these tough economic times, you might actually have a head start.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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