Sherlock Holmes Third Movie Cast Peaky Blinders Star Paul Anderson

The much-awaited third installment of Sherlock Holmes series is casting Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson this time. You might be aware that the third movie of Sherlock Holmes has been rumored since a long back because the second movie was shown on the screen in the year 2011. When the sequel of the movie was shown, immediately after that, it found a great writer for Sherlock Holmes 3 script. Then, in the year 2015, the producer said that the process of the script is still going on. The releasing date got finalized for December 2020 but unfortunately, the date got postpone to December 2021.


The best thing is the top actors, Robert Downey Jr. as well as Jude Law coming back assures that the upcoming movie will be a success. Although, both of them are presently talking for the movie of Sherlock Holmes 3. Side by side, their successful careers are reaching the sky.

By the reports of The Illuminerdi, the third movie of Sherlock Holmes got the first official connected great personality in Peaky Blinders’ Paul Anderson. He plays  Arthur Shelby in Peaky Blinders who is shown as a tough guy. And the unique point is that even after being the eldest, he shall be following his younger brother’s lead, Tommy. Only after the news of his casting provides its followers a few of the official details related to the roles of Sherlock Holmes 3 movie. Paul Anderson is continuing the role from ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’ of Colonel Sebastian Moran, a friend of Sherlock’s enemy who is known as Moriarty that was played by Jared Harris.

Apart from this, not much further information is released related to Sherlock Holmes third movie.

There is no confirmation that Harris shall be coming back as Moriarty this time because he was shown dead in the last scene of the earlier movie, whereas Paul Anderson’s Moran shall be giving attempt of taking revenge from Sherlock’s for the death of Moriarty. The character of Rachel McAdams may be coming back as Irene Adler. And the chosen location for this time is going to be the beautiful ‘Old West San Francisco.’ Not only the good new place this time for its audience but also the Dexter Fletcher, the person who recently directed Rocketman is linked to the direction of the movie. However, earlier, both movies’ direction was done by Guy Ritchie only.

You might find Paul Anderson’s role of Arthur Shelby a non-heroic, whereas Moran is a direct villain of the movie. As he is the first whose role is confirmed so there is a lot of probability that his part for the movie of Sherlock Holmes 3 might be big as compared to the rest.

The fans of the movie Sherlock Holmes 3 are really happy after hearing something related to their favorite upcoming movie.

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