Best Formats for Writing Good Answers

Many students are waiting for CBSE exams dates and they will be released soon but before exams students need to do good preparation for exams in order to achieve good marks and as this is seen that many students have this issue which is how to write good answer as many student study question answers from NCERT solutions but there is no writing format for students and this is very important for students to know how to write answers in good format. It does not matter if you know the answer because if you’re writing and answer format is wrong then your marks will be cut down as because of writing format especially. So here we have some of the best tips for writing a good answer.

Tips for Writing Good Answers

  • Heading – Subheading – Main Points

If you are writing an answer then it is important that your answer is to the point in order to do that first your answer has to categorize. Like first is your heading – (the main topic ) Give a brief about the heading then move to your subheadings if your answer has categorized then this format will help and lastly use main points or answer your question in points. This will help your teacher to identify how much you know about the topic and if your answer is right or not.

  • Introduction – Main Content – Conclusion and Under Line

This format is best suited for Social Science, Geography, History, etc. In this answer format what you need to just write an intro or give a brief about the main question first then give your proper detailed answer with dates and names and after writing an answer given a conclusion so your answer can be justified in some words. And after when you have written the answer they to use another pen to underline the dates and important names so teachers can directly see what you are saying and in history and politics questions if you have done this then there are chances that you teacher can give you full marks because she can see the important dates which are the sign that you know the answer and teacher will give you full marks.

  • Prove or Find – Formula and steps – Answer

This answering format is best suited for maths. As you know in maths question you have to find or prove the answers and later identify the formula and then step by step solve the answer step by step and then give your proper answer. The work of this format is to clarify how the answer is coming which helps the teacher to give you marks because your formula and steps make it easy for the teacher to understand the answer. In maths answers, this is one of the proven and most used methods amongst every student who is preparing for board exams or also for students in Class 6th 7th 8th 9th & 10th can also take these tips benefits. As if you save problem is remembering the maths formula then you can take help from NCERT solutions for class 6 to 12 and this will help you understand the maths concepts and NCERT solutions will give you a brief how to write a good understandable answer step by step. 


 If you are writing an answer then it is very important you justify it properly and these 3 methods will help you understand the answering format so in exams you will know how to write the proper answers with a clear format.


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