How To Become a Life Coach

Most people dream to bring a positive change in anyone’s life. A career that allows people to execute this on a regular basis is life coaching. Coaching is usually misunderstood with therapy however, they aren’t the same. Coaching is a product development and here clients are the product. 

Becoming a life coach is very important to career decisions and should be taken with utter care. This is because, life coaches are much more than just efficient listeners and advisors, but they are entrepreneurs. Getting ICF life coach Certification is not enough but demands you to become a marketer, a salesperson, a network and a leader. Here are some steps which depicts a path for becoming a life coach. 

  1. Find out your life coaching aptitude score:

Usually, people come to this field because they desire to live a more fulfilling life or they simply wish to help others. But, to make sure and effective way to discover your natural potential is to take life coaching aptitude quizzes. 

  1. Develop your unique vision:

It is a very vast and inspiring view of your business and you must have a clear statement of who you are going to serve and how are you going to serve. For this step, you must have a very clear view of your personal interests and strengths. 

  1. Acquire all the related skills before jumping into life coaching businesses:

Life coaching is not limited to advising, listening, and mentoring but also includes marketing, selling, administration, skill-building, working with clients, etc. Either you can form a group of people to execute various tasks or acquire skills yourself. 

  1. Plan your transition into a life coaching career:

People wanting to pursue life coaching must understand how to or not to transition into business You must also take care of the money you can make out of the business. Therefore, you must look out at the expected audience, investments, and returns. 

  1. Look out for the best life coach certification and credentials:

Training is always a crucial part of any career. There are various platforms, online forums offering life coach learning. But there are few which will help you qualify life coaching credentials. Make sure to search for the authenticity of the certification and in-person life coach training is recommended for this career. 

  1. Set up your life coaching business:

Always realize that you can’t knock it all out in a week or few days. Make sure to plan out every detail for example:

  • Business registration. 

  • Designing and building a website.

  • Creating your specialized program.

  • Making and refining your marketing strategies. 

  • Providing free introductory material.

  • Obtaining liability insurance. 

  • Having backup plans for unexpected obstacles. 

  1. Finds ways to attract and retain clients:

In order to attract and retain clients then you must prepare a customized program that will help clients in the most efficient way. Further, you must ensure your sales and marketing plan to inform the right audience about your services. These are the most critical step which will define your success. 


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Written by Adam Hadvin


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