What Is Managed SD-WAN?

It’s an end-to-end turn-key network that can be implemented on an existing network infrastructure quickly and easily.

It’s agnostic to WAN transport. As a leading provider, Hughes can integrate and manage cost-effective broadband access nationwide – wire-line, cable, wireless, satellite.

A Managed SD-WAN offloads Internet traffic closer to the edge of the network for improved network performance.

The newly launched Hughes HR4860 Secure SD-WAN Gateway has combined next-generation firewall security, routing, broadband optimization, plus SD-WAN functionality into one easy-to-deploy and manage platform.

Hughes HR4860 provides Direct Internet Access (DIA), Internet and cloud traffic off-load direct from premises edge.

The HR4860 runs on Fortinet’s FortiOS, incorporating a powerful operating system and industry leading security capabilities. As a Fortinet managed security service provider, this gives Hughes the ability to configure next-generation firewalls, including data leak prevention, vulnerability scanning and intrusion prevention that are centrally managed from the Hughes data center.

It simplifies network complexity through 24/7 WAN management, including zero-touch configuration and Web-based network performance management.

Managed SD-WAN delivers dynamic load sharing across multiple connections for better traffic flow. At the heart of SD-WAN is the Active/Active capability to dynamically allocate traffic across two active paths.

Hughes Managed SD-WAN includes additional optimization tools with our ActiveTechnologies. Not available from other SD-WAN providers, Hughes ActiveTechnologies result in significantly faster processing times and an improved end user experience and the best possible WAN solution.


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