Top 7 Solar Energy Myths

Solar Energy is the renewable source of power which is covered by various myths. These baseless beliefs are convincing people to avoid solar and its benefits to the environment. The efficiency of solar energy has drastically increased over the last decade as solar energy generation is noise-free, durable with less maintenance, naturally available with effortless installation & produces quality power for both domestic and industrial purposes. The effective production of energy by using solar is quite magnificent today and therefore, here are the top seven misleading myths to be busted.

  • Solar panels are excessively expensive and are not economically viable–

Of course, it is not true. Various government schemes are implemented to deal with the solar panel price issues. The solar panels will help the users to decrease their electricity bills to a great extent. Solar PV installed rooftops will help to contribute in sustainable development. The 3 to 4 years of the warranty period is also provided by the manufacturers of solar panels to their customers.

  • Solar Panel doesn’t work when the temperature is more or quite high –

This is a huge misconception as they are made to take advantage of the highest of temperature. The output can get reduced to 8% to 10% but they never stop working. The power temperature coefficient determines the power loss and gives an idea about the working conditions. The cooling effect by winds has a reverse effect on outcomes as they increase the effectiveness by some percentage.

  • Shades and Cloudy weather are a dead-end for Solar PV System –

Clouds and shades never completely occlude the sunlight. Therefore, the generation of power is never-ending until the worst weather conditions. Shades and cloudy atmosphere can reduce production by a few percentages as per the situation but the average result is never zero.

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Written by Akhil

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