What Are Flexible Solar Panels?

Are you trying to lower down your shooting electricity bills? Well, try to switch to solar energy – the best non-conventional forms of energy irrespective of the use i.e. whether domestic or commercial. So while making the move, you may think how does it lower your bills? For that, you must have to understand the prevalent concept.

There are two types of solar panel connecting systems – Off-grid and On-grid. On-grid cuts down the bill from the main power supply by reverse sending the generated electricity while Off-grid sends the unused electricityback to the main supply. Now coming to the advancements, Solar panels, since inventions are a must thing today, have also advanced a lot. Earlier there were rigid sheets made up of rigid substances that couldn’t be folded as they were not flexible. But, now, there are flexible solar sheets available. These can be molded in any way and hence, they are very good for locations with space constraints.  All you have to do is to install a solar panel onto the rooftops of your house and then just sit J haha… But honestly, this solar panel system can save you extra bucks. Besides, you are going green do you understand that? You are enrolling your name into the “Go Green” society (unofficially though). There are several ways by which you can install the panel. It also depends upon the area of the rooftop and exposure to the sunlight. The mobility and flexibility of flexible solar panels make them more advantageous as they can be replaced again and again from their place to get more amount of sunlight.

What are Flexible Solar Panels?

Ultra-thin sheets that are much thinner than the traditional solar panel sheets are termed these days as Flexible Solar Panels. These are manufactured with the help of the roll-to-roll method. This method can manufacture a large quantity of flexible solar panels in a shorter period. Thus, saves the manufacturing time and the cost also.

Advantages of Flexible Solar Panels

• Lightweight– These solar panels are extremely light weighted and hence make them easy to handle. Also, cleaning and maintenance of such solar panels become an easy job.

• Portability– Being lightweight, these solar panels are easily portable and can be carried from one place to another, hence maintaining their adaptability towards the sunlight. These can be anchored in the direction of sunlight at your house, office, boats, picnic spot and so on because of their flexibility and portability.

• Durability– Because of their flexible nature, the durability of these solar panels has increased to many folds. This ensures their long-lasting character.

• Feasible- The manufacturing cost of Flexible Solar Panels is also quite low as compared to the conventional solar panels so this is also cheap, you can save yourself a few extra bucks here as well ?

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Written by Akhil

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