Here’s a complete set of steps that will help you in connecting your HP printer to Wi-Fi, just follow these given steps if the problem persists then ask for HP Printer help.

Connect automatically

Find your Print machine software: visit and there you have to enter your print machine’s model number. Now press on Find and next press on Download that is just next to find option

Once it is downloaded then double-click on the software file and after that, you’ll need to open a printer setup process

Power ON you print machine: if your machine is compatible with HP Auto wireless connect then it will help in connecting your print machine.

  • The printer will keep this setting for two hours

Now you have to follow on-screen prompts until you reach the “Network” section and it might vary according to your print machine and computer OS.

Next, you have to choose Network (Ethernet/Wireless) and you can find this option in the mid of the page. HP printer troubleshooting is easy if you get any problem.

After that, you can press Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer button. When you do so, it will help in finding your printer and send you a wireless network’s information to your printer.

Now, wait for a few seconds to connect. Once your machine is connected then you get a confirmation on your PC screen

Now complete its setup process by following on-screen directions and once this setup is done. You are able to start

Connect manually

First, it is required to check if a printer is installed on your PC. In various cases, it is necessary to connect your print machine to PC with the help of a USB cable and permit it to install the software. As there are many printers that come with the installation CDs.

Power ON your print machine: you need to check if your print machine is connected to a powerpoint, then press the power button

Now activate your touch screen if required. A few printers have their touch screen folded out or turned on separately of the printer

  • In case, your print machine doesn’t have a touch screen then you’ll need to connect your print machine to a wireless network by making use of the software setup process. When your print machine is already installed then you might need to uninstall the print machine and then reinstall it in order to connect to the wireless network. You may also get HP Printer offline error.

Press on setup. This option location might vary machine to machine but it is displayed with a sign of a gear option

  • You may need to scroll down or to the right in order to find a setup option
  • Now you have an option to choose Wireless and if so, then press Wireless

Now choose a network. When you do so will help in the wireless settings

Choose a Wireless network wizard. It will allow your print machines to start searching for wireless networks

  • You may choose wireless setup wizard here

Next, you can choose your network name, it’s a name given to your wireless network when you created it. Fixing HP Printer offline is easy with the help of experts.

  • If you haven’t given it a name at the time of setting up of your wireless network, you’d likely to see a mix of router’s model number and manufacturer’s name
  • Also, when you don’t find your network’s name, go down to the bottom of your page then choose your field there and enter your network’s name

Now enter your password to login your wireless network

  • If your router has a WPS button on it then press and hold this button for three seconds

Now press on done and it will save your credentials and your print machine will begin to connect with the network

Next, choose OK when it asks and you are able to print with your wireless network

The following steps will help you in connecting your printer to Wi-Fi else you can take HP Printer support. Experts can help you.


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