Popular Email Problems On Mobile Devices

Most of us have smartphones with our e-mail accounts installed on them. We have Email Login Issues that can scare you when you set up your smartphone to receive email.

Mails Vanish from Server

This is one of the most common problems that occur when a new mobile device is setup to receive mail. This is particularly prevalent where many people in an organization share an email account. The issue is that, immediately after a new mobile phone or tablet has been installed with an email account, mails are transferred to that computer. However, they vanish from the webmail of the user after they have been downloaded or cannot be transferred to a mobile computer that has installed the user.

This occurs when the mobile device is programmed to “Delete mail from the server after it has been downloaded.” You basically need to configure this option not to remove it from the cloud after it has been downloaded, so that other computers and mail clients can still access it. You may also be able to delete the mails downloaded from the server after a number of days. Setting this alternative will permanently clear your online mailbox.

Incorrect Login Details

Another common Outlook email login issue is sending the email client incorrect login details. Although password problems are easily identifiable, many people do not realize that their username is just as important. Errors in pronunciation, inserting extra letters, leaving behind spaces and failing to place at the end of the username are all typical issues that you may encounter while configuring your mobile app account.

Incorrect Port Numbers

Another common programming nightmare is to enter the correct port number that your email server uses to allow mail access from remote devices. There are various port numbers used by different suppliers, but most generally, port 110 is used for incoming mail through POP3 and port 143 is used for receiving mail via IMAP. Port No. 25 is used to send out outgoing mail, i.e. via SMTP. If you select a security protocol for your server, you will need to change the port number to protected ports. This is where there is the most uncertainty. You should also contact your admin for the right settings and suggestions on Facebook login issues.


Another common headache when configuring email on your mobile devices is finding out which security protocol to use. The mail service has to include support with this program so that both your client and your service can make a secure link for the transmission of your mail. STARTTLS is a new protocol that is not widely used by all mail servers. Some systems offer the option to “accept all certificates” that you need to pick to ensure that the setup process is smooth. Otherwise, you will need to manually approve certificates when a alert appears on your computer.

New Mail Will Not Show Up Automatically

This is most likely due to the fact that the syncing account is not activated on your computer, or that the sync time for your phone has been set to a high value.


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