3 tips to get good grades in Chemistry

For many people, A-Level Chemistry can feel like the greatest hurdle in the way of medical school. There's a reason why medical schools need it – it's a very tough subject and requires a lot of hard work and perseverance.

You can definitely succeed though with patience and determination. I'll give you three top tips for revising A-Level Chemistry in this blog.

1. Practice under timetable 

Timed conditions can bring out the worst in the performance of people, even if they possess the entire world's knowledge. The pressure can sometimes make simple things slip your mind off, or cause you to rush your answers.

Practice all of your past papers under timed conditions to try to eliminate that as much as possible. That'll give you an idea of how long you've got on the day. It will allow you to practice in case you need to learn to accelerate a little bit.

You want to be able to finish a little bit before the time you intend in your practice papers. This will give you time to check your work, and allow any moments of “brain fog” – this has happened to me a lot!

Especially when I first started any examination, it took a while for my brain to be able to register the first question and sometimes my mind would be blanked out for a few moments when trying to remember something.

This is completely normal and if you practice keeping to the time it will cause no problems at all.

2. Check your place of work 

By making foolish mistakes, it is not worth losing easy marks and therefore it is absolutely vital to check your work. This is true of any question but it is important that you check your calculations and mechanisms for A-Level Chemistry in particular. Do not just look at it when you read through a question-if you have time, use a new piece of paper and do the whole question again to compare.

Once you have made a mistake, when you check it is easy to overlook it. You’re unlikely to make the same accidental error twice, though. Ask the watchdog for a spare piece of paper-this is completely permitted and will really help you, especially if you are prone to stupid mistakes!

3. Don’t give up too easily

It can be very easy to get frustrated and give up when you are trying to get your head around a new topic, or trying to understand something particularly tricky. Don't go for it!

Chemistry can take time to sink into your mind-I remember feeling particularly upset about not understanding mechanisms, but I just kept practicing (and badgering my teacher) until one day it finally clicked. It just came naturally, after that.

This is something that often happens with chemistry, and it is important that you keep trying, because it may not be good enough to have superficial knowledge of something for the exam. If the question of the examination is slightly different from what you have been doing, then those with solid knowledge will be able to apply it, while those who are shaky will not be able to do so.

If you still need help you can always enroll for proper guidance from A level chemistry tuition in Singapore.

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