Digital Marketing online training

Digital Marketing online training 5,000rs only.

8892110099 Whatsapp me. 4 to 6 months course


1.Digital Marketing Introduction

2.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3.On-Page Optimization (OPO)

4.Off-Page Optimization

5.webmaster Tools

6.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

7.Advanced Campaign Settings

8.Analyzing Account Performance

9.Ad Words Editor


11.Working with Display Network

12.Click to Call Campaigns

13.YouTube Advertising

14.Access Levels

15.Billing in Ad Words

16.Dynamic Search Ads

17.Shared Library


19.Remarketing Campaigns

20.BING AdCenter

21.Facebook Marketing

22.Analyze Campaigns

23.Linkedin Marketing

24.A/B split testing Web Analytics

25.Content Marketing

26.Email Marketing

27.Lead Management & Digital Marketing

28.Social Media Marketing

29.Social Shopping & Opinions

30.Facebook Marketing

31.Getting Your Company Ready for Social Media





36.Social Media Measurement and Metrics

37.Other Social Media Tools

38.Facebook Paid Ads   |


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Digital Marketing online training 5,000 only.


8892110099 Whatsapp me. 4 to 6 months course




1. Digital Marketing Introduction

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3. On-Page Optimization (OPO)

4. Off-Page Optimization

5. webmaster Tools

6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

7. Advanced Campaign Settings

8. Analyzing Account Performance

9. Ad Words Editor

10. Conversions

11. Working with Display Network

12. Click to Call Campaigns

13. YouTube Advertising

14. Access Levels

15. Billing in Ad Words

16. Dynamic Search Ads

17. Shared Library

18. Reports

19. Remarketing Campaigns

20. BING AdCenter

21. Facebook Marketing

22. Analyze Campaigns

23. Linkedin Marketing

24. A/B split testing Web Analytics

25. Content Marketing

26. Email Marketing

27. Lead Management & Digital Marketing

28. Social Media Marketing

29. Social Shopping & Opinions

30. Facebook Marketing

31. Getting Your Company Ready for Social Media

32. Influencers

33. Facebook

34. Twitter

35. LinkedIn

36. Social Media Measurement and Metrics

37. Other Social Media Tools

38. Facebook Paid Ads   |


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