How to Make Money with Your Blog in 2020

How to Make Money with Your Blog in 2020

Over the time has become very popular for blogging. Especially because it gives people the opportunity to earn a lump some money. But fun fact is many people are making more than a thousand dollars a month only using No doubt, majority of that bunch knows digital marketing and has done the online digital marketing courses. So to do better than them, let’s see how you can do well in is a blogging website 

If you are already looking to earn money through, then you surely know about In that platform you can write blogs of your choices. You can publish your blogs and earn bucks. 

How do I monetize my Blogger account? 

Before you think of monetizing, we believe you are already done with selecting your blogging niche and have enough contents in your account. 

Follow these steps to monetize your Blogger account – 

  1. You can monetize with CPC or CPM Ads. One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site. People will come and click on those ads and you earn through it. But for that you need to learn about CPC, PPC and CPM, that you can do from digital marketing courses online. 

  2. You can Sell Private Ads in your account where you place ads of other people who want to do it on a B2B manner. 

  3. Do affiliate marketing. If you have heard something called Amazon Associate then it will help you to go ahead. Include Affiliate Links in your content, earn on every single sell. If you don’t know about it then better to do digital marketing courses online.

  4. Sell Digital Products, same way of third party selling. 

  5. Use your blog content as a Content Marketing tool to do better earning. Because the more you share the more traffic you get and the more sells you make.  

  6. Sell Memberships and earn. 

Setting up the ads account in Blogger – 

If you are new to the digital ads world and then follow this – 

  • Sign in to your account. 

  • At the top, click the Down arrow.

  • Click the blog you want to run ads on.

  • In the left menu, click Earnings. Sign up for AdSense. …

  • Choose the Google email associated with your Blogger account.

  • Fill out AdSense form. Create account.

  • Enter AdSense payment details.

  • Verify your phone number. Click Submit.

Your earning opportunities can grow to 10X level if you know digital marketing. You can also secure a fulltime job if you do a good Online Digital Marketing Training. 

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