Is entrepreneurship a good idea for everyone?

The romanticism of the idea of working without a boss, being answerable to no one, having the flexibility of working hours and being responsible for your earning is definitely very attractive and it is the most sellable idea nowadays, but the questing is that is this suitable for everyone? Can all of us be just entrepreneurs and get at the position others are? Is everyone ready to make the sacrifices and can afford to do so? It is almost daily that we get to see a video by a motivational speaker or read a blog guiding and convincing the youth to stop looking for jobs and build startups, work for themselves, comparing jobs to slavery, and whatnot. The idea is quite attractive but let’s face a few realities that everybody does not have leadership skills, they are extremely talented but they need supervision to stay focused and productive. Moreover, being an entrepreneur means to run your own business that requires a lot of technicalities that is not everyone’s forte.

Before taking the first step and getting into fulfilling your dream you have to be extremely sure and ask yourself a few questions. Take the decision based on the answers and if the majority of them is in negative, then it is better to get a sound job and wait for the right time until you are ready to start your own venture, or succeed at the job. 

Get to know our preferences

It is extremely important to get to know what your preferences in life are before quitting your job or refusing to a good opportunity. We all have different kinds of responsibilities to fulfill and it can take some time before you can hit the road to success. Make sure that you are mentally and physically ready for the challenges ahead and can bear all the hardships that will come in the way. If you are bound or have doubts or have limitations it is very unlikely to turn your business in success.

Are you ready to sacrifice?

Being an entrepreneur means to sacrifice your personal life, savings, sleep, diet basically everything until you reach your ultimate goal. Before making the commitment to yourself, ask yourself that, are you ready to make this sacrifice because if you are not or you cannot for any reason, your dream can turn into a nightmare. Be sure about every aspect of life, the sacrifice will be short term with long term benefits, but there will be some who cannot have the liberty of dedicating themselves fully to their businesses and it is better to opt for a job in such a scenario.

Can you work without any hours?

When you are starting up your own venture, you have to understand that it won’t be a nine to five job moreover you won’t have any timing at all. Either you are sick or on a holiday or just tired, you cannot ignore the client’s call or email. You might have to work twenty hours a day regularly and there will be no support. If you think you are up for it, then there nothing better than being your own boss.

Can you handle the fluctuation of income?

Another challenge of entrepreneurship is the flow of income. You cannot guarantee a certain amount will fall into your bank account at the beginning of the month and there will be months when you won’t get any kind of payments at all.

Are you good at handling customers?

While working for someone else, there is a separate team who handles clients and is answerable to them, but being an entrepreneur means that you are the sales team, the management team, and the working team. If you have any doubts that you cannot handle the clients it is better to drop the idea.

Do you have the required exposure?

There one very important aspect to ponder that you cannot be an entrepreneur if you do not have the right kind of exposure. Before you plan to start your business, you have got the experience of the field and get to know all kinds of technicalities to turn it into a success. We often need pay someone to write my assignment help while writing a simple assignment so it is impossible to start a business without proper experience.


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