5 Main Problems Encountered When Writing a Dissertation

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A dissertation is an academic paper demonstrating student competency in handling independent research. It is mainly processed after the candidates complete the coursework. However, as they sit down to write this research paper, most of them encounter some common problems. The big question here is – what problems do you usually encounter in writing? Here, we will give you some pitfalls to check on early enough before you start preparing to write your thesis.

Time Management 

This is one of the most significant problems students face when writing their papers. Most students fail to balance their time and end up rushing things a day before the due day. To curb this problem, you need to learn how to balance your time to get everything done within the time given.  


It would be best if you embraced the fact that writing will be time-consuming. Research, editing, and proofreading will also take you some time. If you fail to plan and find yourself scrambling to make up for the lost time, things might not end up well. Research can also be tiring if you fail to do it right.

Topic Selection

Here is another major problem you are likely to face when writing a dissertation. Remember, you are supposed to choose your best suitable topic to write on. You can quickly go for something comprehensive but straightforward. You can also select something complex for you to handle. Hence, it will require lots of effort, time, and energy to cover.  

That is why it is vital to work with your advisor to craft a topic. However, if you are unable to extract the timeliest text while doing your dissertation, seek help. For instance, if you reach out to Writix, you can hire a writer to do it for you at an affordable price.


You may have ideas, but putting them down systematically becomes a problem. It is another major problem in this area. All schools have their dissertation formatting style guide, but students are too lazy to review them. Therefore, they are unable to implement each and every rule outlined there. Check on your school requirement and revise widely to evade these minor formatting issues.  

Data Collection 

This includes research and other relevant idea sources to support your arguments. Data collection is categorized into two: primary and secondary. You can use any of the two considering that you will find the right and most reliable data to boost your thesis.

There is nothing heartbreaking than realizing you do not have relevant data to support your concepts. However, if you set everything right, you can write a dissertation in 2 weeks with much ease.


Completing a dissertation successfully is not as easy as it is perceived. Sometimes you may encounter problems that will leave you stuck and wondering what to do next. If you manage your time well, read, and research widely, you will find it a piece of cake.


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