Scanning from This Google App Can Solve Your Maths Equation

Technology is changing the standard of living for ordinary individuals. From security to cooking, everything depends upon the latest technology. Now technology is going to make some essential changes in the education system. 

As per the reports, new Google lens features are on the way that might help students in solving maths and science equations. They are going to launch a new “Homework” search mode. By using this mode, you have to scan the equation. After scanning the question, you will get a specific way to solve those kinds of questions. The feature will be available in Google Lens Android application or through other apps like Google Assistant, Google Photos, and Google iOS. Presently, it is available in Google’s Socratic education app for iOS and Android. 

But you should remember one thing that by scanning the equation, you will not get an accurate answer. The result will outline and explain all the steps involved that might help you in solving the equation. It’s like a teacher who will teach you about the steps involved; you need to solve it yourself. In some cases, the apps will give you some links that will help you to understand those types of equations. For instance, if you scan a question, find the value of X in “X+10= -4.” The result will show the online tutorials or some YouTube videos explaining how to solve this equation. 

Google has also produced an interactive 3D model for “Over 100 STEM concepts.” With this model’s help, the teacher and students will interact with each other through learning aids. You can use this model from the Google search app and Google Len’s Homework mode on your iOS and Android device. 

Steps To Get Help With Google For Solving Science And Maths Equations

Just yet, Google Homework mode is not available for the users. But Google has released guidelines on how to use this feature after arriving on their apps. Those guidelines are:

  • Android and iOS users’ needs to open Google visual search Google Photos or you can perform this function from Google Lens app (Android) and Google Assistant (Android), 
  • At the bottom of the menu, you will find “Homework” mode, tap on it. If you can’t find this option, then find the graduation cap icon. 
  • Now, scan your science or maths equation. After clicking the picture, drag your finger over the specific equation. 
  • A new menu or new option will pop on the screen that will tell you about how to solve the problems step by step. You will find a link that will take you directly to another website or platform that will help you in solving similar equations. 

What If You Don’t Want To Wait For Google?

If you want to do it right now, you can do it from the Socratic education app, which is owned and run by Google. It uses the same features, and you can use it right now from your smartphone. Here are the steps for using this feature:

  • The first step is to install the Socratic app from your phone’s store.
  • Now, open the app and take a snap of your equation. 
  • Now, drag your finger to highlight the specific equation that you need to solve. 

After this procedure, the application will show some solved equations and give some useful links that might help you solve similar equations. 

Source:-   Google App Can Solve Your Maths


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