Visa Guide for Turkey- What every traveller needs to know

Memorable destinations and archaeological miracles are flooding Turkey, all set in a beautiful landscape. In terms of people, culture, and scenery, the nation is best measured. For certain countries, visa exemptions are available, but others must use a travel visa to experience their vibrant nightlife and trademark delicacies. Take a look at this complete Turkey visit visa guide's different requirements and policies.

Who needs a visa from Turkey?

There is a long list of world nationals requiring a visa from Turkey to enter the country. Only the nationals of countries which have good diplomatic relations with Turkey are exempted.

Those who need to apply for a visa from Turkey are grouped into two:

  • Foreigners who are able to apply for a tourism or trade e-visa and a sticker visa for other purposes.
  • Foreigners who should receive a Turkey sticker visa for any purpose of entry.

What are the required documents to apply?

The list of what you need to apply online is below:

  • Passport-It is not hard to get a passport and nowadays it is quite a basic document. Make sure it stays valid for the duration of your trip if you already have one. Always check the date of its expiration.
  • E-mail address: Your Turkey eVisa will be electronically linked to your passport, but you still need a printed copy to be shown at Turkey's immigration office. Via e-mail, iVisa will send you a PDF version. Make sure you provide an address that is valid.
  • Mode of payments: You need to pay for your visa and the service fee of iVisa before submitting the application. Using a credit or debit card or a PayPal account, you can do that.

Popular Types of Visas for Turkey                                    

  • Turkey Tourist Visa or Turkey Travel Visa-Turkey Tourist Visa or eVisa is a single entry visa with a six-month validity and a 30-day continuous stay period for tourism and travel purposes.
  • Turkey Business Visa- Generally provided for a 90-day period as a single entry visa. Those wishing to visit Turkey for short business trips (attending a conference, meetings or a business lecture) will apply for a business visa. When applying for this visa, an employer's cover letter is mandatory.
  • Turkey Student Visa-This visa can be used by students if they want to enrol in a university or take an internship in Turkey. The visa will be valid for a year. This is a visa for multiple entries.
  • Turkey Residence Visa- You must apply for a residence visa or residence permit if you wish to live longer than 180 days in Turkey. However, if you have a residency permit, you are not permitted to work in Turkey.

Additional Types:

• Work Visa for Turkey

• Research visa for Turkey

• Film visa for Turkey

Turkey Processing Visa Application

The processing of a visa application for Turkey depends on the country from which you apply. While you can get an answer within three days in some countries, the average may be about 15 working days in others.

The processing of your application can last 25 working days when applying for a work visa.

Is it safe to take advantage of IVISA to get my Turkish tourist EVISA?

Many individuals believe that information leaks online and that their personal information is at risk of getting into the wrong hands. That is not the case with our services, however. We provide maximum security and confidentiality for your personal data, and we invest a lot in the security of our database. Your personal details could not be more secure. What hundreds of happy customers say about us here, you can check.


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