Common Mistakes Made by Third Year Engineering Students

Many students in the world aspire to become a good engineer one day. They study very hard to secure a seat in their favourite Jaipur Engineering College. The admission process is quite long that starts from the entrance exam and ends on the orientation program. However, the actual journey starts hereafter. 

The college life of an engineering student is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. With constant classes, assessments, and workshops, there are many instances where students end up making some mistakes. They fail to focus on high-priority areas and end up with irrelevant stuff. So what are the top mistakes that students make in this process? Let us dive into the details.

  • Not using Resources – Students generally take their studies lightly by the time they reach the third year. They fail to optimally use the resources provided by the college. Students should use the library, IT labs, and laboratories to complete their syllabus. Moreover, they should also seek guidance from their professors in case of any doubts. 

  • Decent Academic Record – We all know the importance of good grades for engineering students. Although movies show a different perspective of the grading system, students should stick to the protocol followed in this industry. They should focus on maintaining a good academic record to pass the course with decent grades.

  • Studying at the Last Hour – Many students think that studying right before the exams can fetch them decent grades. But in reality, engineering is a comprehensive course. Students must understand that the prime motive of their course study is to learn the intricacies of this industry and not just pass the semester exams. Also, the subjects taught in the first two years are comparatively easier than the last two years. So make sure you get a headstart in the pre-final year only. 

  • Taking Soft Skills for Granted – This is the biggest mistake engineering students do in their four-year course. They must understand that soft skills are equally as important as technical skills. These skills will help them in better team and client management. 

These were some common and silly mistakes third-year engineering students generally make. Engineering is a once-in-a-lifetime course. If you are also going for the B tech admission 2020, make sure you avoid these mistakes and create a solid academic foundation. You should also make efforts to grasp maximum knowledge and skills in this 4-year program. Your prime motive should be to associate with a brand that can lead to the path of professional growth and success. 


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Written by Poornima Group of Colleges

Poornima Group of Colleges (PGC) started its journey about 2 decades ago with the setting up of Poornima College of Engineering in year 2000. PGC came into existence with the aim of promoting quality professional & technical education and today it is the most reputed group engaged in higher and technical education in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Poornima Group is promoted by Shanti Education Society (SES) which came into existence in year 1999 by registering under Rajasthan Societies Act. The founder chairman of SES is Shri. Manohar Lal Singhi & founder vice chairman is Late Shri Arun Chandra Singhi. The main objective of SES is to promote Technical & Professional Education in state of Rajasthan with state of art infrastructure and strong academic philosophy. Its secretary, Ar. Shashikant Singhi, who has been a noted practitioner of Architecture and technocrat of repute, presently manages Society and its constituent institutions. Other members of the society are well known professionals.


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