Rajini Shouts

Rajini Shouts!!!!!!!

Wonder why Rajini shouts? He shouts on behalf of the Indian consumers, to fight against shoddy products and services in India, any idea what I am talking about! check out this

web-comic ““,the developers of “Shoutout” website have

developed India's first Animated scrollable web-comic with Raijinkanth as the mascot where

he narrates the dark secretes of Popular Indian products and services and reveals his secret

source “shoutout” as his source to resolve complaints against popular brands.


Well about “shoutout” website it is a consumer complaints portal with an aim to create a trustable consumer complaints platform in India, which will help many Indian consumers to resolve their grievances against shoddy products and services. It is worth sharing this website with your friends, it might help an Indian consumer resolve his Grievance.


Here is the Link:








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