India’s Oscar Entry – yet again

There is a lot of hullabalooThe Good Road-Image Courtsey: Firstpostregarding India’s Oscar entry this year. Not that it is less in any year. Since they nominated a movie called Jeans years ago for this particular award and it did not win any that award lost charm for me. I mean how,  how can they not award that movie where  a miss world from India is gyrating with a wooden faced hero and innumerable airplanes around (yes I was counting planes).

I have not seen Lunchbox neither I have seen The Good Road. Though I have read a lot of reviews from our holier than thou movie critics and some known paid pages about The Lunchbox. Not so much about The Good Road. Rather not at all.

Anurag Kashyap seemed peeved. Vented out on social media. Why? Someone who went against the tide, defied all the rules, made a mark for himself should just be taking this with a glass of wine? Okay scotch. C’mon Anurag! You have made it till other international circuits without any backing. You are being called to chair other prestigious film platforms. None of these happened because of any government backing. You made a film which broke all the stereotypes and won international film festivals accolades.

Someone like you, who struggled your way up. Given so many chances to variety of films, filmmakers, new talents. Doesn’t suit you to vent it out your frustration the way you did. The Good Road may not qualify as an apt choice for Oscars but at the end of the day its a film.

You don’t need Oscars to qualify to become a visionary film maker that you already are. And as I said if Jeans couldn’t make it then The Lunchbox never had a chance. Let The Good Road take the beating. You enjoy your scotch, laugh it off and continue making such movies. Keep giving chances to the newcomers. Keep breaking stereotypes and keep giving headache to the camps and superstars.


What do you think?


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