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Notwithstanding, Fahad was in a tough situation after the ongoing scene of Pakistan’s Jete Pakistan on June thirteenth, where he taunted a young lady on live TV.


This is the exhibition of Fahad Mustafa…

– Taimoor Zaman (@taimoorze) June 14, 2018

The hopeful Farheen drew a sketch of the lawful star entertainer, and Fahad immediately remarked: “Itna bura dikhta hun mein? (I look so terrible?)”

At that point he kept on requesting that his little girl remark on the image and after that advised Fa Xing not to draw any more.

Anum Kausar, an understudy from IoBM, went to Facebook to share her considerations about the scene she unearthed on the show. She expressed: “Fahad Mustafa believes that it can affront, menace and downgrade a youngster who can turn into a little girl, which makes me feel sickened.”

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Sahir Lodhi attempts to explain unfortunate behavior with ladies on live TV

“This young lady painted a sketch of Fahad Mustafa. I for one imagine that the spray painting is exceptionally charming, yet he isn’t. “In addition to the fact that he made fun of it over and over, yet he likewise strongly asked the kids not to Painting,” Anum proceeded. “This breaks individuals’ fantasies, interests and craftsmanship! How a craftsman does this to another craftsman is past me, and it is additionally valid on national TV. “

For Farheen, who painted this depiction, Anum lauded her endeavors and stated: “For young ladies who like to paint, if it’s not too much trouble keep on doing this. You are extraordinary. Never let anybody reveal to you Stop painting or quit following your fantasies and interests. I trust this will contact you.”

Anum’s posts spread quickly, and numerous individuals turned out to censure the on-screen characters’ conduct in the exhibition.

Discussion members have an enthusiasm for Sahir Lodhi in the most recent video

Twitter client Babar Shah stated: “Fahad Mustafa believes it’s alright to make a joke. It’s enjoyable. Not every person like you has an industry father who can give their demise to an expert cardiopulmonary revival. You ought to apologize for your strange discourse!”

One client utilized the Fahad presentation’s story to tweeze: “In one of Fahad Mustafa’s shows, he debased a young lady who painted him. He didn’t value it, yet said it didn’t meet the necessities. Along these lines, he pummeled her. Then again, he said to one of his volunteers* moti hogayi ho, kam khaya kro * in the live presentation before numerous crowds.

In this Farhad Mustafa appear, he let a young lady who painted him degenerate. He didn’t value it, however giggled at her platitude that it didn’t meet the necessities. Then again, he said one of him. Volunteers* moti hogayi ho, kam khaya kro * live exhibitions in this colossal group

— a(@ aurwaa1) June 14, 2018

Another expressed: “Fahad Mustafa advised his 7-year-old little girl to disclose to him that the young lady who made her bum could never paint again, and she even seemed well and good not to be so insensible. on the off chance that.”

Fahad Mustafa advised his 7-year-old little girl to tell the young lady that he was never again ready to paint, and she even had motivation to state no such numbness.

– One. (@AbeeraTanveer) June 14, 2018

In an analysis of another scene of Jeeto in Pakistan on June 14, Fahad stated: “I am not dynamic on Facebook. In any case, I realize that when I requested that young ladies improve the composition impact yesterday, somebody was furious. Everybody in Pakistan should quit being insulted and begin to be glad. That is the manner in which we converse with our youngsters. This is the manner by which I converse with my kids. If it’s not too much trouble extol the young lady.”

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