Bol TV Game Show Aesy (Nahi) Chaley Ga, is a Scam of Its Kind!

Game shows are the most up to date pattern on TV and each channel is by all accounts basically in a futile way of life to win the viewership in this worthwhile class. In the endeavor to do as such, a few hosts and their channels have gone far and past with leaving no affront unchartered that they have presented their members with.


Bol network

Directly from causing individuals to contend based on their stoutness, to causing them to do blockhead bazaar on camera, game shows have done everything.

In any case, BOL broadcasting company’s down show Aesy Chaley Ga has ended up being the champ by hitting the most reduced blow conceivable.

After an ongoing scene, members of the show have approached with surprising cases on the trick this Danish Taimoor facilitated show is pulling off.

According to a taking an interest gathering, the participants of the show are informed on the ‘content’ of the show preceding its shooting, and each gathering/family is relegated a fragment that they’ll be taking an interest in. The decisions – to be picked by the members – and victors of each section are predefined, though it is additionally shared what and how to react to the comments by the host.

Another member on the state of obscurity stated, “We were informed that it’s everything arranged and we are to pursue the game-plan. Furthermore, after all the dramatization, we were not permitted to take endowments that we truly won during the shooting.”

Game show aesy chaley ga helpline

It has been hypothesized for a long while that BOL’s show is following misleading practices to the degree that the visitors situated in the group of spectators are their very own representatives who are given the blessing hampers, just to be come back to the channel.

Presently after this ongoing disclosure it is clear that televison stations would not stay away to go as far as any low for appraisals, and members have only humiliation to bring home.



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Written by Rob Davis


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