How to Fancy Up your Model Train Scenery

Having nice-looking scenery is a very important aspect of anybody’s model train setup. It enhances the overall experience by making a realistic backdrop that your model train can go through, along with some interesting stations it can stop at.

Model trains can come in all shapes and sizes. Because of that, this is a great hobby that anyone can find themselves liking. There are many models you can choose from, you can start with a beginner set, intermediate and go all the way up to advanced.

Plan Out the Scenery

First, you need to plan out the scenery. Draw out your scenery idea on paper so you can create the perfect scenery for you. There are a lot of scenery ideas you can choose from like, mountain areas, villages, farmlands or countryside.

Before you start creating the scenery you need to think about what season or climate you want to portray. By creating your scenery around a theme such as a colorful fall, bright summer or a snowy winter you are going to take the scenery to the next level.

Sticking to a simple oval-shaped layout is great if you are a beginner. The center of the section will allow multiple trains to run at the same time. Simple can also look fancy.

Be Realistic

The key to having fancy model train scenery is being aware that nature does not go in straight lines and simple and coordinated colors. It is a blend of the natural and man-made world, therefore you need to look at it from both sides. Go outside and take some pictures of scenery you like, and then use it as inspiration when you start decorating. You need to keep in mind that structures take up space. Think about all the slopes and ditches you need to add along the way.

If you are a beginner you can purchase tunnels and bridges and then build your scenery around them. And let’s not forget, you need to add some people or animals depending on your theme.

Whatever you choose to do, it will take a lot of planning and carving in order to work. If you are a beginner or simply don’t have enough time, there is no shame in purchasing pre-made accessories. There are many good stores that have a large variety of accessories, like e-Trains.

The best way to make your model train scenery fancier you can use polystyrene to build the best base. You can easily paint on it or sprinkle grass or dirt on it.

Pick a Perfect Train

There are many types of trains you can choose from that will make your model train scenery look fancier. These days most trains are electric because they are the easiest to use if you are a beginner. The most popular are live steam-trains. They use heat in order to create steam and that pressure powers the wheels and move the train. But those can be a little harder to use if you are a beginner since they are made for advanced hobbyists.

Some electrical trains even include an internal combustion engine that uses gasoline to portray the diesel-powered trains. Another thread option is a clockwork train. It is a collector’s item therefore it will make your scenery rustic and luxurious looking.

Because this hobby is becoming more and more popular, there are hundreds of models of training you can choose that will fancy up your scenery. No matter what style of trains you like, there will always be the right one for you.

No matter what people tell you, your trains, scenery and the layout are hard work and take a lot of patience and time to make. The only thing that matters is that you are having fun and that you like what you are making. Do what makes you happy.


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