10 Best 2019 Video Game Characters

Characters are a prominent part of games as their objectives and designs are the ones that convince the gamer to play the game. Nowadays, the developers need to comprise the game with a fascinating and relatable character. Here in the blog, we are focusing mainly on 10 best game characters that arose in 2019. The list totally depends upon the popularity and the rating of the game. Read the whole blog and check on which number your favorite character lie on.


1. Jesse Faden: Control

The game contains the best story among any other game of 2019, and Ms. Faden matches its level. The story features her as the FBC’s director who stands against HISS, and this alpha female has attracted numerous fans. Her personality, gait analysis, and the name Jesse Faden made this character remarkable amongst the gamers forever.

2. Kait Diaz: Gear 5

The protagonist enters everyone’s best gaming character list soon after anybody witnesses her in Gear5. The story depicts her as a woman that can stand alone in the world who have attained good relationships with previous series characters, including her grandmother, Ms. Myrrah, and Locust hoard. The fans loved her heroic traits and appearance a lot.

3. Mirage: Apex Legends

We can surely say that he is one of the most beloved male game characters of this year. The alpha male has numerous fans throughout the world because of his charming heroic trait and powerful fighting abilities.

4. Parvati Holcomb: The Outer Worlds

The latest character from the lab of Obsidian is Parvati Holcomb, and she contends with the number of characters of the game. Her intelligence, cuteness, and innocence made her way to the list of one of the best characters. Fans stated that the sweet personality of Parvati in the gaming world has broken cliché and drives the fans crazy.

5. FL4K: Borderlands 3

The game attained huge popularization throughout the world because fans loved every aspect of it. The most intriguing aspect of this game is the vault hunter FL4k due to its sarcastic behavior and alpha male traits. The character drives fans crazy due to its sarcastic responses to his other fellow.

6. Owl/Father: Sekiro

It’s must be quite shocking for all of you, after reading the name of Owl here because he is the father of Sekiro’s protagonist. Adding the father in spite of son is choking, but the Owl character traits attaining a lot of acclamation and popularity beckons us to add him to our list. Owl surprisingly shows empathy, where he helped the wolf and in the middle, and asked the wolf to conquer the world with him by using Dragon’s Heritage. This switching of character intrigued fans’ concern towards him more than the lead character of the story.

7. BB: Death Stranding

This one is also a shocking entry in our list, most of you who are not familiar with BB must be wondering what a baby with a little capsule is doing in this list. The baby has gathered numerous fans in fewer days because it is a tool that is necessary for every player of Death Stranding to obtain. It helped the characters of Sam and other porters to take a glimpse of BTs location; thus, the title character Sam developed a special bond with this baby, which resulted in its fan following.

8. BD-1: Stars wars Jedi: Fallen order

The game didn’t need any introduction at all, the heat it induced this year is outstanding for its developers and fans. There are several characters in this game that can be recognized as the best character of the gaming world, such as Stellar and BD-1. We choose BD-1 in spite of Stellar because the droid has abilities that beckon us to choose it.

9. Farah Karim : Call of duty: Modern Warfare

The game requires no introduction at all because its legacy is known to the whole world. This year’s version of the game, Modern Warfare, has included several characters and amongst them Farah Karim rise above anyone else. The braveness her character emphasizes is inspiring and pretty heroic. Her empathy did not allow killing an enemy in a miserable depicting the trait of a true hero. Thus, Farah Karim is an inspiring and loving character amongst the fans.

10. MR.X: Resident Evil 2

The game popularity skyrocketed in 2019 due to its much better experience and characters. Along with the game, the character has risen to 2019 from a long period of history. Mr. X is top on that list because the abilities and the trait its character shows induce fans to love him. His alpha male personality with which he knock-downs his enemies and the qualities of being loyal is outstanding. MR. X’s simple and slow walk with a promise of not leaving the enemies alive made him one of the best characters in 2019.

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