Apex Legends: How to Get Legendary Marching Orders Skin?

Apex Legends emerging popularity is becoming a concern for several other battle royale games as the game has earned quite the fanbase globally. The ability of Respawn Entertainment to carry Apex Legends is quite promising, and thus the game keeps on acquiring the space among numerous gamers. Players are intrigued most by one of its feature that is to adopt the role of different characters in the game.

After choosing the in-universe ” Legend”, the players require to combine together in three teams to collect supplies and weapons for battling against other twenty teams with the initiative of becoming the best. The game keeps on releasing new seasons which further derive the player’s attention towards new weapons, maps, cosmetics and characters.

 Nowadays, they have introduced a new event which is known as Mirage Holo-Day Bash and will end on January 7, 2019. The event comprises of a new game mode aka Winter Express and along with that a chance to double up XP and winter-themed cosmetics. However, winter-themed cosmetics isn’t free; you need to purchase them via Apex Coins.

There are much more things that are available in Cosmetics features, and they consist of Voice quips, finishers, and weapon skins. Players are keen about weapon skins, and there is a way to obtain free weapon skins in the on-going event. Below we have gathered a piece of essential information to attain weapons skins, so make sure you read the blog carefully.

Get Marching Orders skin

The process for obtaining the skin requires players to jump on the Edge map precisely on the western region beneath Lava Fissure. You can easily locate the event as Mirage’s party boat is being placed over there. Be aware of the fireworks appeared on the sky as it is an indication of the ship.

Soon after the ship appears, players need to board the ship and visit the balcony from where dance floor can be seen. Now, carefully head towards the control room section of the ship and players need to press the button to begin the party. After the party began, players will observe a light show and dancing holograms, and once these curricular activities stop that meant that challenge had been completed.

 Make sure that this party noise will attract lots of enemies, so be prepared to deal with them. Players will successfully attain the legendary Marching Orders skin after completing this task.


After attaining legendary Marching Orders skin, players need to combine it with the new skin of Mirage and thus make the character’s role a leading one of Holo-day-bash. Players can also attain other free items available on the ship if they want to. We hope that this blog has served your purpose successfully and if you are new to the world of Apex Legends, then you can witness its gaming experience on Xbox One, PS4, and on PC.

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