Disney+: Why Disney Wants Netflix's Marvel Heroes

(And Reasons Behind Why It's Time For Moving On)

You might be aware that Disney+ is planning for releasing their own Marvel TV shows, but after observing the rumors, it seems that Netflix's Marvel heroes shall be returning. But will it?

By the removal of the shows of Marvel in Netflix, there is no doubt that the service shall be searching for replacing series. Side by side, Disney Plus is about to release their type of television shows, which shall be based on the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  1. Move on: Space for new heroes

The non-returning of Netflix heroes offers Disney proper time for launching new actors that shall be coming to the MCU. The different amazing characters who shall be getting more fame thankfully due to the series as well as films.

After all, Marvel shall not wish to have characters such as She-Hulk getting hidden by the entered Jessica Jones. It will be much better for expanding the hero group rather than being only focusing on Netflix's characters.

  1. Return: Amazing cast

Most of the viewers feel that Netflix has cast the right heroes. For instance, Misty Knight or else Luke Cage. All of the cast members are completely suitable for their particular characters. So no other person will be suitable in these roles even a bit.

  1. Move on: Everything fresh

It has been seen already that the company has a lot of creativity, so they do have the ability to present anyone new in the right way. This shall give new interpretations to the story.

  1. Return: More potential

Beginning from starting needs plenty of work to be done. And the biggest risk on it is that that the way viewers going to react to the newly made experiment.

  1. Move on: Not a good series

Some of the hiccups are present in a few of the Netflix TV shows, so if Disney prefers moving on, then there will be surety such episodes shall not be stretched further. Anything new and better might come, chances are quite high that new heroes will be better mostly.

  1. Return: Good connection

It will be an advantage of having the previous heroes is the beautiful connectivity with the rest of the Marvel characters. A proper relationship shall be built if the old group stays.

  1. Move on: MCU world is a bit different

The MCU has many different companies, weapons, and heroes. Remember that both Netflix and MCU never really wished to continue together. After all, Netflix series did according to its own like giving little bit of focus on what is happening in the MCU.

  1. Return: Satisfactory end

If Disney Plus continues with the characters, then a lot of time will be saved for the creation of new once. So their narration can depend on the tales of others rather than beginning from scratch.

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