Hooper Is Alive: Confirmed by Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser

The beloved science-fiction Stranger Thingsrecenmtly dropped a teaser for the Season 4. The teaser officially revealed that Jim Hopper played by David Harbour, is not dead and he is now jailed in Russia. Recently he was shown to sacrifice his life for closing the doorway to the “other side” shown in the TV series.

He also saved the whole town of Hawkins, Indiana again. Just after that, the TV show's season 3 ended with a mid-credits scene of a Russian jail where we saw a strange “American” as well as a creature from other things who was imprisoned. No doubt that the audience rapidly concluded what they watched at the end of the last season.

Following the events of Stranger Things season 3, the fans have shown less interest in whether Hopper would make a return in the show or not. On the other hand, they are now showing more interest in how he handled to stay alive in the ending fight presented in season 3.

Harbour is shown as coy in the whole TV show till now, and now the fact that he is returning will make a groundbreaking effect on the show. Netflix provided a glance of Hopper is living in Russia where he is imprisoned you can watch the teaser to get the idea about what's Netflix is planning for the season 4. Matt along with Ross Duffer, the Showrunners also announced regarding the beginning of the production of the season 4. 

It's all upon you how you gonna take it, Hopper's homecoming is either greeting news, unacceptable, or a mixture of both. He has all the time promoted many emotional belongings to the series (Be it his daughter's death). However, a few things that the TV show has gone too ahead in creating Hopper a confused character in season 3 in addition to converting him into a yank instead. In that intention, the character's return in season 4 provides Duffer Brothers with the opportunity to keep on developing him as a character as well as there was no other way to succeed the show after he died. Conversely, many fans think that Hopper's ending was shown fine in season 3 and some assume his death as a heart-touching ending to the conclusion of his journey. Enabling him to stay deceased (despite all of the hints to his return) would have been the deadly move, but possibly the more thrilling one.

In the face of, Hopper is authoritatively returned, so it currently depends on the Duffers and their teammates to create his resurrection job on season 4. Moreover, by making his return and imprisoning him in Russia, could mean that Stranger Things would have to combine things up above season 3. Hopper isn't only the guy one who is missing from Hawkins in the show as recently the season 3 concluded with Joyce Byers, and her kids Will & Jonathan, as well as the adopted daughter of Hopper, Eleven. This indicates that the entire squad will be split apart in the season 4.

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