Best DVRs to get your hands on in 2020

It won’t be wrong if I say that the Best DVR is just an arm’s length away. I have taken the labor of testing some of the top-rated ones based on factors like best value overall, best for local channels, best pick on a budget, best one for storage, and the best fit for multi recording. These were some of the considerations before coming up with a final list, read on and see which one suits your particular needs best.

Hopper 3 DVR by DISH: Best one Overall

The DVR that comes with DISH subscription has the ability to record up to 16 shows simultaneously with 2TB (500 hours) of recording capabilities. The cost starts at $15 per month, a bit costly nonetheless if you are a TV frenzy, the features it comes packed with, will conveniently do justice to the attached price tag and it is the best thing after the Breaking Bad season finale. The 2TB of storage can hold entire 30 seasons of multiple TV shows good for an entire month, in case you are stuck at home. Well, someone knows how to treat a couch potato right, see Optimum cable packages for more competitive pricing and discounts.

Hopper 3 supports a smart home perfectly, just keep those Echo Dots handy to have a hands free TV watching experience in any part of your house with the Joey receivers helping you connect extra TVs. Moreover, in case you wish to move away from your living room and want to take your TV with you, the Dish anywhere app allows you to download recorded programs on your mobile phones and tablets, conveniently.

Contour Record 6 DVR from Cox: Best Basic DVR

This one doesn’t look like much when compared to the set of features offered by the Hopper 3, however, it still manages to keep up with the expectations of a digital TV viewer. The Contour Record 6 comes with a storage space of 250 hrs, with the ability to record 6 shows simultaneously, it has a feature that lets you fast forward live TV with a scan-able display screen, TV show, and movie suggestions. However, you need a cox cable subscription to enjoy these features.

Cox also offers an app that can let you watch live and some on-demand shows on your phone or tablet while on the go so you are never bored while waiting for your turn at the Doctor’s clinic. I won’t say that this DVR is perfect but it certainly isn’t a bad option if you like to keep things rather simple.

TiVo Bolt VOX DVR: Best third-party DVR

TiVo might not look as big as the Amazon Fire recast bu that doesn’t make it any less than that. It has over 1TB in storage with 150 hours of recording space. Moreover, it comes with four tuners to let you record four different TV shows from four different channels simultaneously.

The best part, once you make the purchase of this DVR, you no longer have to pay that monthly rental fee, which lets you access all the recordings whenever you want. The controller comes with very natty features, such as speaking in the controller lets you change channels, record and even schedule TV shows. The best part, all you need is to press a single button and you are saved from the pain of watching that never-ending train of advertisements.

TiVo remote comes with a lot of buttons and this might come off as a little too overwhelming for someone who likes things to be minimalistic. However, if buttons don’t bother you much, TiVo is the one for you. The only con that I came across was the hefty subscription fee that you still have to pay. Share your experience in the comments below!


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